Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a tree planted by waters...

Psalm 1:3 ...he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season whiles leaf also shall not wither and whatever he does shall prosper.

This morning I set my alarm and hit the gym. Yes, I’m on vacation but I actually like working out in the morning J Unfortunately, the gym at my hotel is under construction, so I hit the sand and enjoyed the blue ocean, white sand, and warm sun. I was taken back by the palm trees which spring up out of nowhere. Seriously, nowhere! There is no grass or flowers or dirt, just sand. I love how King David alludes to trees and water because today I saw first hand how something can flourish in a barren and arid landscape.

Water is symbolic for the word. When we are planted by water, we are planted by God’s word. Fruit and leaves are also mentioned in this scripture. Why? Because fruit is substance, seeds can be shared with others, and leaves provide shade. What a great analogy, David!

Trees are a sign of freshness and vitality. When people are hurting, dry, or tired, am I a tree to comfort from the heat and provide shade and fruit for those who are weary? I was totally convicted because lately I’ve been so swamped with work that I haven’t taken the time really be a tree. Truth be told, I’ve been so focused on ministry and serving, that I’ve been a bit dry, empty, and it’s felt a little barren. But this verse is so rad because I will bear fruit in my season. Maybe I’m not suppose to bloom right now; maybe I’m suppose to just provide shade and drink of Living Water J Either way, I am encouraged by Paul not to grow weary in doing good for in my season I will bear much fruit.

When we delight in the law of the Lord and His word, we will prosper (verses 1-3). Maybe not financially, maybe not economically, but you will be blessed emotionally and spiritually, here and in heaven.


Anonymous said...

thank you Bi!! And you described the palm trees, white sand, and blue ocean so well, I was hoping to see a picture!! Love you. :)

renay. said...

B, the Lord spoke to me too when I pondered to palm trees in PR... weird! Not really but remind me to tell you about it sometime.

BTW, great post! Love you!

Bianca said...

@not-so-anonymous-reader: I posted a picture just for YOU! Tell hubby I said hello :)
@renay: I'm LOVING it here!!! I got to the waterfalls on Friday! I'll jump off the rock just for you :)

Jules said...

Love the word picture... and picture!

I saw your updates on Twitter. So fun :)

renay. said...

That picture is awesome and creepy at the same time... love it!
BTW... DON"T JUMP! The falls are not that deep. Just stand under it for me (something I didn't get to do)! :(
Ahh, I wanna go back sooo bad...

Diandra Ann said...

You've been a tree in my life.
Hope you're having a blast!!! So jealous.
Love you!

Kelly said...

thats a cool pix
good blog too
have a great one


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