Monday, May 11, 2009


She chose to hold life sacred.
She chose to love me before I was born.
She chose to let the stretchmarks mark my growth without care to her physique.

She changed my diaper with joy when no one else would.
She rocked my fever away when no else could. 
She taught me how to complete chores as I should. 

She taught me how to fight for what is right. 
She taught me how to be strong when things were wrong. 
She taught me the value of life, the value of a dollar, and the value of tithe. 

Yesterday afternoon I sat at our mahogany colored table surrounded by my family members and inhaled deeply and smiled. No it wasn't my dill-infused potato salad, maple baked beans, or turkey burgers that brought satisfaction to my soul. Satisfaction bubbled inside of me like the Perrier on our table as I watched my mother smile as her children took turns in honoring her, her life, and her legacy to our household. 

It was a special day in our household, not because it was Mother's Day, but because my mother is alive. Five years ago my red-headed Boricua mother laid feebly on her bed, unable to walk, on some days unable to talk, moaning and writhing from pain as Chemo and Cancer waged a war against each other in her body. In the middle of her battle with cancer, she lost control of bodily functions and we would wipe her chin from the drool which hung from her lip, change her clothes if she urinated them, and on rare occasion, help her change her soiled pants with great sensitivity to her shame. We all looked pitifully at a shell of a woman who once was and we prepared ourselves for what life would be without her.

Yesterday was a fulfillment of Proverbs 31:28 as her children and husband surrounded her and called her blessed. When her red hair fell out and her face swelled from the steriods, we knew that charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who loves the Lord shall be praised.

I had the honor and privilege of taking my mother with me as I spoke to a lovely group of women about honoring mothers (Exodus 20) this past Saturday. I stood brazenly before the crowd and proudly stated that I have one of the best mothers in the WORLD! 


Diandra Ann said...

I agree. You do have one of the best :) Great post B! Cant wait for more... your blog is kind of like Diet soda... I finish one and I'm immediately ready for another! xoxo

Nina49a said...

Amazing Post! My keyboard is all wet.
Welcome to the bloggin' world girl!

Tira J said...

So beautiful B! And Millie, praise the Lord that you are with us today. You are a miracle and a special gift! Great new blog!

melanie said...

give that millster a big sloppy smooch from me! tell her its for her love, and inspiration, for two of my bestest friends on the planet, warm welcomes when i enter the house, a glass of juice without asking, quesadillas, tostones, marinated pork and spanish rice, long hugs, encouraging words, undeserved compliments, raphael's specials, and never ever ever (in spite of the fact that we cackle like hens) showing anything but warm smiles when we invaded on christmases home from college and laughed all night long, entirely too loudly.

Anonymous said...

yup...Millie is definitely a woman, mother, a follower of Christ that I admire greatly!! love you both dearly!

btw...great post!


Jessica said...

You're SO lucky to have such a wonderful mama... and she's lucky to have such a wonderful daughter... but she did raise you I guess ;) PROPS to her!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how pesonal, yet sensetive and kind you are with your writing. I am truly encouraged. The Lord is going to ignite a fire through this desire and passion. I'm so excited to see it take place, not only through words, but actions too. Love is an action. The cross! Amen!

love, Amber

Anneliese said...

Awww! That was the Mother's Day luncheon that I went to & man was it a blessing! It was such a beautiful lesson. I'm truly blessed by you and amazed how the Lord is using you! You got it goin' on girl! ;)
God Bless :)

ruthie said...

Stunning. God is great.


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