Wednesday, March 10, 2010

post-it's and prayer...

Small, colorful, adhesive pieces of sheer goodness scatter my office. Some are notes or to-do's, but lately, I have a ton of Post-It notes in my offices with names of people I care about. They serve as reminders.

See, I've never been the greatest prayer warrior. I try to set time aside, but inevitably I get distracted by a phone call to make, an email to return, or a meeting to attend. Hence, prayer is neglected.

But if I have small, colorful, adhesive pieces of sheer goodness to remind me, I will remember!

It started with Kyrene in Australia. Then Annie in Oregon. Then Melinda in Orange County. Then Markus in Germany. Then Dana in DC. I wrote down names of people who needed miracles in their lives onto Post-It notes on my office window. I told them I would pray for them. And now I am committed to it.

The names listed above (and the others decorating my wall) serve as reminders to pray. I believe prayer changes things. I've seen the miraculous. Just ask Kyrene. Just ask Melinda. Just as me.

So join the Post-It Revolution and let me know how I can pray for you. You don't have to spill the dirty-dirty, but keep it general and simple enough to fit on a 3x3 square :)

How can I pray for you?

If you have two minutes, check out my favorite short-film:


Ana Sofia said...

Please pray for the Lord's (spiritual) healing of my heart so that I can learn to love Jesus and others.

Post-it version:
heart of flesh & LOVE for Jesus + Others."

Thank you.

-Ana Sofia

Markus Riese said...

Dear Bianca,

I think you've done everything you can do for me...I pray for you too...and who knows, anytime the Lord hears you (I hope)...maybe he said something and I didn't listen exactly.

Greets from germany,
Markus :-)

p.s. nice film ;-)

Gina said...

My name is Gina- I have been a christian for a long time, but do not really know the Lord. Please pray that I would truly know Him and love him with all my heart, soul, might. And that God would help me deal with my pride which always gets in the way of things.

Thank you very much!

CLMrun said...

I need a job.

Anonymous said...

Bianca ~ I would love it if you would pray that I would find peace, contentment and connection where I am at right now. I need to bloom where I am planted! :)
By the way I have post-it notes (all colors) all over my desk and monitor at work with scripture and prayer requests!

christy said... family is going thru a tough situation right now, so please pray for strength and encouragement for my kids...and also that there would be a fire ignited in my husband and I for the Lord...we both love the Lord, but I want to be on fire and soooo want my husband to be on FIRE:)

you're so awesome Bianca, thanks for the prayer!

Anonymous said...

First of all, the responses to this post already are so moving. I'm praying that God touches each one in a personal way that they KNOW Him and that their needs are met. :)

Second, that film is ADORABLE!

Third... I have PILES of post-its here. Maybe I should put some of them to good use. :) Maybe my first post-it will be for you Bianca. Your blog is amazing and you are amazing. And for as often as you pray for others maybe you'd appreciate a little prayer offered up on your behalf. ;)


christy said...

btw...i LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, that short film....

Diandra Ann said...

I'm putting YOUR name on a post it :)

Melinda said...

That video is stinking cute!

And I didn't know I was a post-it. I am blessed. It's truly amazing to know my mom, my family and I are all being prayed for around the world (pastors in the slums of Kibera are praying for us!) God humbles me again and again knowing He pours out His affection on us through people praying for us. Unbelievable.

For those who would like to pray - my mom is going through cancer. We are believing He will heal her and she will come out of this fire without a hair on her head singed(you can read the posts tagged cancer on my blog for the full story).


Melinda said...

And yes - God has ALREADY been doing miraculous things in my mom's cancer story. Blow my mind kind of things. Just as He has throughout my life.

Anonymous said...

Great post!! I think of your prayer post-its often. Sometimes I want to be selfish and ask you to put mine in an easel, just kidding. :)
Please put a post-it prayer for my son Javi who stayed behind and is looking for a job. It has been hard for him to find something.

Love you and miss ya'll.


Cirene said...

The things I don't want to do, I do, and the things I want to do, I don't do :/ Spiritual strength for me, please =) Just learned from Greg Laurie's devotional today that I need to fight FROM victory and not FOR victory. Thanks B! <3

Jessy said...

I love that you do this! I have peoples names on 3x5 cards tapped on my walls and written with dry erase marker on my mirror I started it in highschool and now they are everywhere! It's such an awesome reminder to pray for others!!

{Jennifer.Rose} said...

Ok B, please tell me when you first saw this you were just a little teary eyed.

If not then I am the only l.a.m.e one.;)

Thanks for your post-it was dear to my heart. I myself am not a prayer warrior. My memory is horrible but I stand to start a
{Post-it Prayer List}

May the Lord continue to bless thee and keep thee and make his face to shine upon thee.

Dana said...

Thank you so much for your prayers Bianca! Yesterday was one of those days. Last month I quit my lucrative IT job to go into business full time. It was sort of a brash decision - I'd had a panic attack that lead me to quit the job... the very next day. It just wasn't worth it. Since then, I've had moments of excitement, joy, and most of all fear. Can I really do this? Did I make the right decision? Since I quit without notice, will I ever be able to work in corporate america again if things don't work out? So many questions and so many prayers. On top of that, I was dating this guy that I totally ADORED who turned out not to be that into me. I think about him a lot - the what if scenarios, beating myself up about crazy things, and yesterday it all just came to a head. On the outside, I'm strong and smiling - but on the inside there is a lot of hurt, pain, angst... but I have hope. After you told me on yesterday that you would pray for me, I started finding different things on the net to help me build my confidence. Any and everything is possible with God. I honestly know this first hand. Last night you inspired me to pray for others. I honestly think that if you want a blessing in your life, you have to be willing to pray for blessing in others' lives. I remember you as White flower and I remember praying for you and to know that Matt has come into your life makes me so HAPPY for you. I can't wait to give my praise report and to shout aloud the blessings of God for my business and my future mate. Thank you again! May God continue to bless you beyond your wildest dreams! You are definitely on one of my post-it notes!!

Markus Riese said...

...and by the way, thank you for being a post-it on your wall... ;-)

Bianca said...

AWESOME! I'm so stoked to post these up and add to the collection...

Anonymous said...

Bianca My name is Marisol, i was born and raised in a Christian Family but lately i have been away from church just because i see other people that goes to church and not change at all happened to them and they only pretend to be goos just at church. and i am just afraid i won't fit into the chuch, i am afraid of making somebody else fall because of my behavior that's why i decided to better stay away and not make anybody falls because of me.
By the way that video warm my heart... also pray for my marriage.. love your blog..

Krystle said...

Krystle from Canada

The real deal is that since November of last year I have had three migranes. In the past 22 year years I've had 4 total (which is why it's abnormal for me to have 3 so close together).

Two of these migranes have paralyzed part of my body (legs, arms, hands, mouth).

----I do a varation of this-- when I travel and see someone that in someway reminds me of someone I know, I pray for that person that I know.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your willingness to pray for us. for me. can you write "healing and wholeness" on my post-it?

as a fellow post-it girl, i thought you might appreciate this:


The Montgomerys said...

You are awesome <3

-pray that I would trust in the LORD with all my heart, and that I would NOT lean on my own understanding about things & the future. Pray that I would be a better and more Godly wife & mom, lately I feel like a failure at both.

Thanks so much, I am praying for you too :)


Faith, Food and Fitness For Real said...

I to use post its.. I have a praying wall in our bedroom and I use post its for prayers. There is so much joy when I can physically take down a post it to see a answered prayer. Then there are some that have been there for over a year and I am reminded of the hope that God will one day answer. I love it!

So add me to your wall.. Here is my prayer.. I just found out that I am pregnant, I have my first appointment tomorrow. I am a lil sick and have a toddler so it has been kinda of a challenge but a joy!

I believe in the power of prayer so I will also add your blog readers to my wall as well :)

Thanks for praying!

Melinda said...

Wow... you are awesome! Thanks for allowing us to fill up some of your post-its. :-) I have a 15 year-old son who is struggling to find his place in this world and deal with being a teenager. He has been rather down lately and hit a low last week Wednesday. He didn't want to go back to school and said he didn't feel like living anymore. He was also doubting God and not understanding why his prayers weren't being immediately answered in the way he thought they should. I remember being a teenager and feeling like my life was coming to an end every time something didn't turn out quite right. I know it is hard to grow up and deal with relationships and emotions, and I ask that you keep him in prayer. Pray for guidance, understanding, and the ability to cope with the things life throws his way. Thanks!!

Uni said...

My post it should read :

Brat - break down her wall


glo said...

B It's Glo:)
Pray for Antoinette, she has left & is living in the World:(
Pray for her to come to her end so He can begin. For her to return to Him not necessarily home but to the Father. Pray for the ending of her relationship with Satan.
Please just PRAY for her!

Markus Riese said...

Awesome, you are the best bianca , hope of more posts like this. Can't hold back my tears. I hope they will be more people like here in the world. I always believe on the good in the people.
With all my Love...

Markus :-)

Sare said...

Sarah from Australia

Post it prayer - contentment in Christ, to live a life worthy everyday

hopefully that fits it will depend on how big your handwriting is (mines huge!)

I'm taking on the post-it revolution

Anonymous said...




Bianca said...

To everyone who has taken the to write something, I appreciate you!

I will praying for you all...

Sare said...

Hey B is there anything specific we can post it prayer for you?

Cole said...

Hey Bianca, your posts have definitely been echos to what God's been revealing to me. Thank you and you'll for sure be on my prayer list. It would be great if you could pray for God to open up a FT job for me where I can be used for his purpose and for my heart to be open to that special kind of love.

Mucho Blessings! :)

Heather said...

My prayer would be reconciliation and healing in my family. Mainly between my three siblings and myself.

The Grey Girl said...

First off, the video is so sweet it made my heart smile. Now, I know it's time to get that beautiful pack of post its from costco. :0)
Once again, your post continue to inspire me in my walk.
Please pray for my walk, right now its not an easy time, especially academically. Too often than not, I allow the chaos of my mind to drown out the one voice I need to hear.

Thanks for the inspiring.


Yranidroartxe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Steph! said...

My prayer is that I would begin to understand God's will for my life and live it out with JOY and GLADNESS!

How can we pray for you???!!!

Raquel said...

This is awesome!!!
I have a dry erase board in my room with names.

Ernie- surrender to God

Norma- Salvation & Healing

Monika said...

Beautiful video, I had to show my husband and he likes it too :-)

And post-it prayer: Monika and Honza = baby

Thank you so much and I will pray for you, because you are doing amazing job!!! God Bless You!
Greetings from Prague (Czech republic)

Campjuju said...

This is great Bianca

Casey said...

My name is Casey and I'm asking for prayer for our dog, Molly. She can't walk right now because of a ruptured disc. Doctors say, it's possible she may never be able to walk again. Please pray for her healing. Thank you.

Will put your name on a post it.
Thank you, thank you!

Michelle said...

I have been blessed so much by prayer! In such a short time, my fervent prayer, my husband's prayers and my friend's have really helped to transform my heart as we've been dealing with some life changing decisions. I could use more prayer for guidance, peace, and trust, as we make decisions on where God wants us to raise our family and continue to trust God with the "how" while I continue to be faithful with the "what".

Anonymous said...

HI BIanca, its been a while for me to post. Ive been reading the previous posts and will be praying for each of the previous posts.

Here is my request. I have a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder, I had surgery 2/23. The surgery was good but the recovery is horrible. I am not able to do a single thing for my self and my right arm is pretty much an appendage..useless. I have no guarantee that I will be able to return to my previous type of employment. I am depressed and in pain all the time and I don't like feeling this way. I pray for healing and for career direction. I WANT to have full use of my arm and shoulder.

I have faith that MY GOD will restore me, but am sometimes doubtful.....WHY?

you and your family are always in my prayers.

Mabel said...

Hi Bianca,

I love your post it idea! I'm totally adopting it...

I just read your prayer request from todays blog and I will definately pray on that for you.

My prayer request? That I am able to keep a pure heart and mind, and that I don't miss those doors being opened for me, because I'm looking back at the door being shut.

Thank you for your blog Bianca!

From Now Till I Do said...

Really love your blog and appreciate how you 'keep it real'. I love the whole post-it idea and have started it myself as a way to remember to pray for people and have a visual reminder of God's goodness.

If you're still taking prayer requests please can you pray for my 'better-half'. He has been out of work for several months now, which hasn't been easy, but we believe God is opening new doors for him and a testimony is right around the corner.

Also for our upcoming wedding, we ask that God will always remain at the centre and foundation of our relationship and that we can start to develop our ministry together for Him.

God Bless you Bianca - your requests will be joining my wall! :)


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