Thursday, April 8, 2010

friday video blog: imparting vision...

Imparting Vision to Gen Y from Bianca Juarez on Vimeo.

J. Vernon McGee says, You should never stand behind the pulpit without being able to say, "Thus sayeth the Lord." I wish I would have heard this quote before I responded capriciously during a recent interview.
Reason #829,827,410 why you should pray before you sit down and open your mouth.

If I am going to say anything, if I'm going to impart knowledge to anyone, if I am going to steal someones time, it should be under the auspice of giving away God's goodness. In an era of entertainment and diversion, how do we impart a vision and hope to our next generation that they are not forgotten.
We need to take ordinary and mobilize them to do extraordinary things because of an extraordinary God.

My words to the next generation are not to read a book or follow 10-steps, but rather look at my generation and the generations before and do what we COULD NOT DO. For the mistakes we've made or the foundation we laid, do your part.

For those in my generation or the generation before, what are we doing to live our and create a legacy? We only have on life to live and soon it will be passed. Only what we do for Christ Jesus will last.

What can we do? What are you doing? Do not fret. We are ordinary people serving an extraordinary God.


Anonymous said...

First of all, great video! I love that the foundation of your points were to root yourself in God's word "daily, daily, daily." Always a great reminder! And good luck with the conference tomorrow. I'll be praying and wishing I was there :)

Secondly, LOVE the bling. I wouldn't have said anything about it, but as soon as your hand comes into the shot, I couldn't help but love it! I'm sure you're still looking at it all the time and thinking, "Seriously?! Is this really happening?!" Well, it is! Enjoy every single moment because it goes by so fast!

Bianca said...

I know!!! I love my BLING too. It reminds me of how much Matt loves me.

Katherine said...


Anonymous said...

As the mother of a teenage daughter and tween son, I wholeheartedly agree with your words today! Although I have fortunately raised avid readers, it's not as easy to hand over a book to this generation of kids and expect that book to bring them closer to the truth they are seeking (or don't realize they need)...great post!

And, girlfriend...your ring was sooo distracting I had to replay you like 5 times! LoL! Congratulations! Wishing you the best!


Léa said...

great vlog. thank you...
love you RING. it looks so cool.

blessings for tomorrow, that you may impart truth.


Faith, Food and Fitness For Real said...

Great blog, specifically for today. I sometimes have to ask myself are you not being called or are you being lazy? I think that is the problem with this generation isn't the lack of knowledge it is the lack of willingness to go after the knowledge and apply it.

There are to many people that are not using the talent that God has given them to do extraordinary things for Him....

I know because I see it in the church and I shamelessly see it in me to sometimes. We are a generation that is comfortable with getting fat in the word and not exercising the works.

What am I doing right now? Nothing actually perhaps that is why this blog tugged at the heart. I have been so sick with pregnancy that I have lost the focus of God's purpose for my life right now. And I think of Paul life, when he was also not feeling his best he was still out doing extraordinary things for God.

I pray for me and others who know the talents God has given them and are not exercising them because it is easier not to..

I remember something that you said at the retreat that keeps coming to my mind you said " if God is trying to use your talent and you don't do it, it is ok, God will use someone else to do it, however He knows that He cannot depend on you" I am paraphrasing of course. ERRRKKK it spoke volumes....

OMG I forgot what the blog was about.. I hope this applies, I will blame it on the hormones, however this was good therapy for me this morning :)

And I learned along time ago in business when you address a problem you must offer a solution, so hear it is...

Today I will start with prayer! I am talking on the knees prayer, because that is where the power is at..

Congrats again on a new season of your life. Marriage is the coolest thing ever ( even better than sipping a pepsi through a red vine, with a bag of butter popcorn at the movies!)

:) Monica

Dana said...

I must say, my vision was blinded by that ring!!! ;-) Gorgeous!!! I will definitely pray for your great message on tomorrow! Have a great weekend!!

Renay said...

Love it, love it, love it! Gave me so much to think about. We'll be prayin' for you and the things you need to share. Love you and PS I [heart] J. Vernon McGee!

Emma said...

How funny, I was listening to an archive of focus on the family with guest twins (ironically) Alex and Brett Harris, now 21, but started their ministry, The Rebelution, at 16 yrs of age. Now confirming I should get their book "Do Hard Things" for my tween. thanks.

Jasmine said...

Truff! :)
LOVED this video!

Kimberley Leanne said...

Good word girl!
Leading teenage girls can be very challenge and sometimes I feel like *I* have to be the one to tell them what they should and shouldn't do. When in fact we should be allowing God to speak to them through us. I'm just the vessel. This was such a good reminder and challenge.
"Replenish daily...." loving it!

Apple said...

love the bling!!!:P
those schools are lucky!

Nnenne said...

Yep! Awesome message yet again! You just speak it. Love the J. Vernon McGee quote. So true.

Praying and prayed for your conference. You will be outstanding.

And, I can't really see as I type this. Some shiny thing blinded me. Congrats again!

Allie Marie Smith said...

Great vlog...such truth! Wish our whole leadership team for WM could have sat in at the conference tonight - would have like to have been there.

Was your talk recorded?

Your new best friend is stunning! She looks good on camera just like you. =)

Tony said...

Love Vernon McGee!

As a Pastor,his study teachings have been very helpful in my ministry.

Great blog - keep up the fire for our Lord Jesus Christ -

Pastor Tony

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