Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the red sea, creation, and lazarus... [part II]

I was home-schooled by a bohemian, lazaire faire hippy who named her children after flowers. Seriously. When it came to education, she knew no one would care or nurture the spirit of education like she would, foster the agile mind like she could, or take the responsibility of formal education like she should. Ergo, I was taught by a woman whose motto for learning was: Better late than early. Seriously. 

Dr. Raymond Moore wrote the book Better Late Than Early and proselytized this doctrine to many homeschool mothers in the early 80s. His belief was that if you let a child naturally and organically fall in love with learning in the later stages of academics, they will not become burned out of the rigors of formal education. Hence, I didn't learn to read until I was eleven, I didn't learn my multiplications table until Mr. Turner sat me down in College Preparatory Mathematics 1 when I was fourteen, and never knew the grammar rule i before e, except after c until... well, I still struggle with recieved--uh, received.

All that to say, when Jasmine  and I finally learned how to read, we devoured books like we devoured our food (ie voraciously). We loved choose-your-own adventure stories for the simple fact that if you chose to turn to page 36 and didn't like running from criminals, we could always go back to page 27 and be a spy in Dubai instead [note: I've been a control freak since I was a child]. Kevin DeYoung points out that this is fun in adventure books but not in seeking the will of God. It's like, if I pick the wrong major, marry the wrong person, or wear the wrong color eyeshadow {BOOM!}, I'm running from criminals instead of living in Dubai?!

In case you don't read Just Do Something, I'm going to pass along Kevin's five reasons why the conventional way of approaching God's will is not healthy... and even slightly dishonoring to God.
1. Conventional appraoch to "discovering" God's will focuses almost all of our attention on nonmoral decisions. The most important issues for God are moral purity, theological fidelity, compassion, joy, our witness, faithfulness, hospitality, love, and faith. These are His big concerns. But we focus on everything else (picking the wrong major, marrying the wrong person, or wearing the wrong eyeshadow color). We spend more time focusing on what God hasn't mentioned versus what He has mentioned in the bible. 
2. Convential approach implies that God is  a "sneaky." The traditional approach of being in God's will I mentioned yesterday makes God into a tricky little diety who plays hide-and-seek with us.
3. Conventional approach encourages a preoccupation with the future. Our fascination with teh will of God often betrays our lack of trust in God's promises and provision.
4. Conventional approach undermines personal responsibility, accountability, and initiative. It would be wrong for me to use God's will as a way to remove my personal responsibility in decison making. "We need to be careful," says DeYoung, "that we aren't using God as the trump card in all our decisions."
5. Conventional approach enslaves us in the chains of hopeless subjectivism. It's okay to feel a little unsettled about a decision (picking the wrong major, marrying the wrong person, wearing the wrong eyeshadow color), but this doesn't mean the Lord's withholding peace about the decision in order to get back at you for a wrong choice.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to repent for picking the wrong major, pray I don't marry the wrong person, and choose the perfect eyeshadow for work this morning. Why? Well because, I'm Just Doing Something!


Lindsay said...

Number 3 is where I've been at recently. My husband and I had a mutual head bashing session a few weeks ago reminding each other that we're not doing life alone and that sometimes all we need is trust and faith in God. It was more productive than spending hours contemplating the millions of 'what ifs' our future could hold.

Great posts x

Quirky Christa said...

Just do might be my new favourite quote :)

Hailey said...


I found you through a link on your sister's photo blog. First of all, I think you're beautiful! I watched your videos yesterday and was so encouraged by your life story. I just kept thinking "wow, this woman is solid. She knows God's word and how to apply it to her life." After doing some digging I made the connection that your dad is a Calvary pastor! I grew up in a Calvary in New mexico and it is the foundation of my faith! I now live in Colorado and am currently attending a non-calvary church and there is SUCH a difference. It is such a jewel to find churches that teach God's WORD verse by verse!

Be encouraged to know that God is using your life to make an impact. Your ministry is an encouragement to me. I appreciate the way you teach God AND share your life. This is beauty in it's purist form. Thank you.

Hailey, Colorado Springs

Olivia said...

Hello. I was lead to your blog via Jasmine's a few weeks ago. Your sister has graciously helped me along my photographic journey over the last few years. But, I think maybe her real purpose was to actually lead me here. I love your words. You've led me back to God, and I didn't realize what was missing from my life...from my family's life until I read your words. They are simple, yet powerful. I believe He really does work in mysterious ways...I don't even know you, but you've helped me find my way back. Thank you.

Diandra Ann said...

Love it!

PS... your link links the wrong Jasmine Star :) (


Mommaloo said...

Your words are amazing. I am so glad to have the opportunity to read them and feel as though you are a friend. You words have even touched my hubby. He has had a rough couple of weeks and I sent him the link to your cry out post, and it gave him some peace he was needing.

Jasmine said...

You don't know my website address by heart?!?! I'm gonna pray for you! ;)

Bianca said...

Alright already! I am a HORRIBLE sister. The link is changed, Jas. (Thanks for noticing D!)
Mommaloo, have a blast in Florida. Dance a mambo for me and shake what your "momma" gave you ;)
Olivia, I'm so at a loss for words. Your comment has brought me such joy today. Who would've thought that a blog could be impactful? You have blessed me today... now get plugged in at a bible-teaching church (Heb. 9:25).
Hailey, I'm so glad we've connected through Jas. See, she's STILL the dominant twin who makes decisions for me ;)

PS I decided to wear a deep, graphite color for my eyeshadow today. Just in case anyone wondered...

fishgirl said...

Love it,,Love it... i follow your sister blog as well and i know you through CCM and you are an amazing speaker and writer!!!

Bobby Earle said...

RIPPING, Bianca! This is very similar to Greg Koukl (found of Stand to Reason) and his talks on the contemporary understanding of hearing the voice of God and God's will.

I love everything Kevin has said here. Once we embrace this kind of Christian decision making (which is much more in tune with the Scriptures, in my view), we feel so much more free. So much less worried about every little thing. We can go out there, live lives congruent to the Scriptures, and leave the rest up to the Creator :)

Awesome post!


Tish said...

Wonderful "series" on God's will! Much needed as I have been trying to spend less time worrying about what He wants me to do and more time simply loving Him. Watched your SOS're so talented!! How did the Movement go???

Raul Hernandez said...

Hey B,

What a post! Lovin it. I should have read this earlier instead of waiting for lunch to get to it. Sorry.

I've always known that God speaks through the scriptures and also through people who are involved in the things of God, but does the author say anything about seeking the will of God for a certain situation and then God being silent on the topic?

What do you do then?

Guess I'm just going to have to read the book!

Greatastic post! Keep em' coming...

Bianca said...

Fishgirl: reveal thyself!
Bobby: I [love] Koukl!!! I heard him live and was smitten by his wisdom :) Dude, thanks for stopping by!!!! So rad.
Tish: Is this Tish Goff from NM?! Is that adorable baby your adopted child??? I've gotta check you out...
Raul: Tu necesitas a leer esto libro! Es muy importante y informatico. How you like 'dem beans?

Heasleye said...

I've recently found you through Jasmine's blog and have enjoyed reading your words here. This may be a bit off the main topic, but as a homeschooling mom, I was so excited to read that you were homeschooled with the Better Late Than Early approach! :) It's not completely out of style. :) Dr. Moore's ideas have given me hope in my own homeschooling journey, and it's encouraging to "see" how you and your sister have become character-filled, educated women, regardless of when you learned to read! :)
Blessings to you,

frannie said...

Man, this is SO good. Every single time I come back here there is always something that speaks loud and clear to me!

...OK, I also need to go grab this book! Post stat!

Mindie said...

I believe that the day we accept Christ in our lives and the day that Jesus sits at the throne of our hearts, is the day our lives become his and not our own. From every decision we make to every step we take (and what we say) should be guided by God. Now, this isn't always the case because we are not perfect. We will always make mistakes but this should be our goal in life. I, myself, will definitely pray and pray hard and ask God where he wants to lead me. Does he want me to study theology? Does he want me to go to Africa and deliver the message to those in need of him? I want Jesus to guide my every step, word, and action. I may make a few mistakes but when I do, I get up, brush myself off, ask for forgiveness, and continue forward.

We all make wrong decisions as well. I know I have. Honkers! Huh... but I believe that those mistakes and learning from them makes me the woman I am today.

A little off topic but kinda relates. I don't know. I was just inspired to write this. Your awesome Bianca and what you say is so true.


Anonymous said...

Boy have I seeing you wear the WRONG EYE SHADOW but you still look PRETTY!!! xoxo

Chris Setty said...

This is so great! I think we spend a lot of time thinking, "is it God's will that I take this job, go to this school, date this person, blah, blah, blah." The question I have had to learn to ask myself is "Are you serving Jesus right now where you are?" Because if I am not, does it really matter what job or school I am at? If I am not dwelling in those things in #1, what difference does it matter. The reality is I am seeking God's will for some selfish reason then - my motivation is "what job will get me paid...what school will get me what I want...what person will give me my dreams".

I choose the conventional approach because it is simply easier. Everything else means death to me...and let's face it, I like me.

Sobering words and great stuff to point inward.


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