Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sallie mae, fungi, and hypocrites...

In light of the recession and the country bumpkin Sallie Mae who hounds me every month for my Whittier College loan repayment, I pack a lunch to work. I don't mind it. In fact it makes me feel like the kid I always wanted to be [note: as a home-schooler I never got to carry a pink Strawberry Shortcake lunch pail and I'm still bitter about it].

A few days ago I opened the refrigerator at work today to see plastic containers of old salad, styrofoam boxes filled with prehistoric food, and a collection of crumpled lunch bags. Being repulsed and controlling gag reflex simultaneously is difficult, but I succeeded. I immediately began to throw bags and boxes away without regard to who the owner might be and wiped up the primordial ooze which plopped on to the floor. While thinking of who on staff could commit such heinous acts of lethargy, I was faced with the sad truth: ME. 

As I rummaged through the frosty drawers, I saw a plastic container which looked oddly familiar... with a cucumber-tomato salad which looked oddly familiar... and a post-it note with writing which looked oddly familiar. Ugh! I was slapped upside the head with a dose of harsh reality: I'm one of the staff members who commit heinous acts of lethargy?! Ugh. Ugh! UGH! I grabbed a paper bag off the floor and began my breathing into it with Lamaze techniques I've seen on television. But it didn't work. I still felt nauseous inside; partly because the salad was growing fungi and partly because I had accused my co-workers of sins that I was committing. 

But isn't this what we do? Isn't this easier than admitting that WE possibly could be the culprit? This is why Jesus said in Matthew 7:3,5 Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye, but you don't see the log that's in your eye... You hypocrite! First take the log out of your eye, and then you can see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. Biblical lessons through everyday experiences are WAY harder to accept... but I did. I finished throwing away the containers and smiled at everyone who passed my office on their way to the refrigerator. But to ensure that I'm not the ONLY neurotic freak at work, here is a picture of our refrigerator today. Lisa (secretary and office manager extraordinaire) labeled and disinfected our communal fridge. We love her. 

Sallie Mae is breathing down my back for her money so I gotta get back to work before her honky tonk brother Freddie Mac comes to shake me down. 

I work hard for my money, so hard for my money,


Anonymous said...


You are the second person today singing this songs "she works hard for her money". Arrgh.. I'm being haunted by 80's song.! LOL!

Have a awesome day living fungi free!


Diandra Ann said...

haha that's funny. And ps... I have been informed that it is SO NOT COOL to take your lunch to school. I did... and people probably made fun of me but I never noticed because I just found this out from Sammy and Javi a few weeks ago. So apparently you didn't miss much.

Julieann said...

We have the SAME problem @ work. You think that Nurses would be a bit cleaner and neater...NOPE! From time to time I will find slime all over the back of the fridge cuz someone put creamer in an OPEN CUP JUST SITTING in the back, it got spilled by someone "just shoving" their lunch bag in and there it sits untill it rots and molds!!! YOU'RE FRIDGE NOW LOOKS AMAZING...although if I did that man I would catch fire!

Tira J said...

Oh, that was fabulous! And since I work in Financial Aid and call your friend Sallie Mae almost every day, she had a message for you, "Bianca, thank you for making your payment on time and not defaulting on your student loans". hee hee! Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

I can take credit for the signs but the disinfecting part, my handsome hubby did!! And he did it without judging you!! xoxo

His Jewel said...

Well to the opposite extreme of that, the company I work for instructs housekeeping to throw EVERY SINGLE THING left in the fridge every Sunday! As you can imagine, I have NO tupperware left, coffee creamer thrown, my Coffee Bean brand Creme Brulee coffee that I put in the freezer for freshness is G-O-N-E in the trash! It doesn't matter whether the item is good, rotten or frozen, if you forget it on Friday, it's THROWN OUT! I work hard for my money too and now need some Tupperware and Creme Brulee coffee! ;0)

Yolie O said...

Wow . . . cuts like a two edged sword . . . ; )

L said...

Too funny!!

Bianca said...

@1717, you KNOW you love Tina Turner!
@D, now I'm feeling insecure about taking my lunch to work. Tell Javi I said thanks for giving me pointers on being cool.
@Julieann, do you remember the fridge from the aquatic center. SO nasty!
@Lisa, your hubby is a gem.
@Jewel, I'm getting you some creme brulee coffee!
@Yolie, welcome to the commenters club! Yay for newbies :)

Nicole said...

Wow. I now fully appreciate the monthly fridge cleaning that goes on at my work. I'm not sure what grosses me out more: The ozze that plopped on the floor or how often I need the Matthew 7:3,5 friendly reminder. :) Thanks B!

Quirky Christa said...

I had no idea bringing your own lunch was uncool...boy am I totally living with the ignorance is bliss attitude?!?! :)

His Jewel said...

Aw thanks B, you're the greatest! LOL Have you tasted it, yum! You need to taste it!

Lindsay said...

I had a similar reality hit when I kept commenting how someone with a tupperware just like mine had left their soup in the fringe for weeks and how gross it was...yep, you guessed it...it was mine! Seems I'd had a better lunch offer that day and totally forgot about my soup!

Bianca said...

@Tira, OH MY GOODNESS! I need to tell you how my Sallie Mae payments totally killed my credit score. It was a tech error, but I have to suffer the consequences. Sallie Mae + Bianca = NOT friends!
@Nicole, appreciate the free cleaning! PS Great blog post :) Keep them rolling!
@QuirkyC, let's start our own club: Pack Your Own Lunch and Be Cool club. You can be president :)
@Jewel, I'm going to have the hostesses brew a yummy coffee for you at 7DS. Promise.
@Lindsay, I have to admit that I ALSO had a soup in the fridge?! I had a better offer to eat with my uncle... so I ditched the soup... for like eons. Nasty!

Tira J said...

Oh dear. So sorry about your payments and the credit score. Yep, I have decided that student loans are from Satan. Hope you get it worked out soon.

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