Thursday, June 25, 2009


My mother has been a center piece for this blog for some time now. I guess I'm realizing how integrated she has become in my life and the forming of my philosophy after 29 years of being pulled from her womb. The lazzire-faire, bohemian hippy spawned a type-A, alpha female who is neurotic and obsessive. Go figure. But her life lessons through everyday experiences have left huge impacts on my life. 

This morning at a camp in Big Bear, California I taught the same message my mother taught me many moons ago: God's Word is like a seed. You must plant it (Luke 8:11). 1 Peter 1:23 affirms this, having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever... Jesus said His words are alive and they contain life. Though the words in the bible may look lifeless and powerless, they, like seeds, contain life and the power to produce beautiful! We would plants pinto beans in styrofoam cups and see it sprout into Life and talk about how the Word of God does the same.

Here are seven attributes to a seed that parallel the Word of God:
1. A seed is alive. A seed has life though our physical senses are incapable of judging whether it is alive or not. The only way to prove it is alive is to plant it.
2. A seed does nothing until it is planted. Seeds in a pretty package will sit there like a bible on a shelf. It's not until seeds are planted (like scripture planted in our hearts) will it begin to burgeon. We must plant God's Word in our heart (Psalm 119:11).
3. A seed is much smaller than the plant it produces. The problems we face may seem huge and scripture, in comparison, seem small. But when planted, the Word will grow and cover the problem we are facing. A mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds, but yields a massive tree (Luke 13:19)! 
4. A seed takes time to produce. No one expects a seed to produce a harvest the same day the seed is planted, so why do we scripture that that? The fruit of the Word grows in a person's life over time.
5. A seed is persistent. A seed never gives up, but works day and night. Even when we can't seem to see growth, beneath the surface there is bios (life) or zoe (God-given life). Psalm 138:8 always reminds me of this.
6. More seeds planted produce a larger harvest. 2 Corinthians 9:6 He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, but he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Are we planting good seeds in our hearts and minds?
7. A seed will stop growing without nourishment. Planting a seed is not enough to assure a harvest. Protect the seeds and douse them with Living Water. Then you will see the fruit of the harvest mature and take root in your life.

My desire is to take seeds that minister to me and plant them deep in my heart to grow into trees that are firmly rooted by the river, whose leaves do not wither, and fruit is bore in due season (Psalm 1).  To prove that my mother hasn't aged a day, she encouraged me to take a potted basil plant and even gave me seeds to use as a visual of God's Word. Yes, she's the only tree-hugging hippy I love!


Anonymous said...

Was your mom a real hippy? Like in the 60's?

Nay. said...

...and you're a botanist too?!?! No, but seriously, loved this post. I was just talking to a young, nature-loving modern hippie about truth and Jesus. This would be right up her alley.

Tira J said...

Yes! Keep planting those seeds so they will continue to flourish.

Bianca said...

@anonymous: my mother was a hippy, but not really closely tied with the movement. Like, she believed in peace and love and all that jazz. but she didn't burn bras or live in a VW bus :)
@nay: glad it was useful! it was so much better is study form :) It was great to connect with so many youth!
@tira: good to hear from you :) i hope all in photog land is well!

Mindie said...

This post really spoke to me. I have been going through a desert storm. The seed in me has dried and needs to be nourished once again. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Great analogy

Jen said...

Hey great post, just wondering how you got started as a speaker/teacher. God has told me to leave my job as a teacher and told me i will use my songs and testimony to speak to people. But in a practical sense I am not sure how to get started!

Anonymous said...

Great Post..i need so desperate the Seed of God just don't know how to plant it.

Bianca said...

@mindie: desert storm? awesome! that means the lord will shower you with living water to revive the seeds in your :)
@jen: i didn't get started. the lord just opened doors :) i never sought to get out there and teach nor did i leave my job. i took the wisdom from paul who worked to support himself and did ministry as a labor love :) go out there and DO ministry, but be careful of making a "job" out of it :)
@anonymous: here's my advice: take it one "seed" at a time. don't feel like you have to plant a garden. take one scripture that you feel led to memorize and begin to commit God's word to your mind. when you feel alone, forgotten, unloved, or unforgiven, you hold onto those seeds. Wait and watch to see how those scriptures will be your hope in times of need. i'm praying for you! don't give up... #4. seeds take time to produce ;)

melanie said...

i have basil in my window sill. what are you trying to say?

if you can still love me (in spite of my moderate earthiness) come over. i make a slammin cream of tomato soup with it ;o)

Lydia said...

Great connection! Now I have another tangible reminder to be in the Word as I walk around my yard and admire all the beautiful flowers!

Jessy said...

It was such a blessing having you at camp! The Lord really used you to influence the girls lives and even us counselors! It's awesome to see what the Lord will do with someone when they truely dedicate their life to the Lord's will!

Christina M said...

hey! i dont know if you remember me but i met you at camp and thought you were your sister haha:) well i just wanted to again say thank you and tell you how much your message spoke to me. it was really something i was needing to hear! so thank you thank you thank youu


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