Friday, July 24, 2009

ashes, God, and project runway...

I grew up poor which forced me to be resourceful. Sell lemonade in the winter, cut neighbors lawns so I could utilize their pool, and regift gifts at holidays (regifting is when you take something you already own and wrap it like it's new). As a poor kid I had to work miracles in my closet as well. I wanted to be the Diane Von Furstenburg of clothes from thrift stores, clearance racks, or bargain bins. It was tough! I tried looking fabulous, but it always ended up up fabuLESS. It’s tough to create miracles and I’m a firm believer that Jesus and the designers from Project Runway are the only ones who can do it successfully.

I’m not one for television, but there is a reality show where fashion designers are given junk and asked to create something fabulous (aka create a miracle). As a viewer, you look at the pile of scrap and think, There’s NO way anything good is going to come from that. But 60 minutes later a gown made of coffee filters takes my breath away, a dress made of strawberry baskets and twine looks like the cover of a fashion magazine, or a blazer made of rubber tires and safety belts makes me drool.

Yes, what they do is difficult and we laud them, applaud them, congratulate them. But what God does is impossible. See, He takes nothing and makes something. But not just something, He makes something beautiful! Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, and Michael Kors extol the artistry created, but who created the materials they used? Even more, who created beauty?

We are told in Isaiah 61 that God takes ashes and creates beauty (Is. 61:3). No matter how talented these designers are, they wouldn’t be able to take ash, remnants of nothing, and create something. They can do the difficult, but they can't do the impossible. Even if YOU feel like nothing more than ash, God can take you and create beauty. Why? Because this is the message of the gospel. God will restore the years gone (Joel 2:25) and make all things new (Revelation 21:5) because we are new creations in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). Thanks to all the women who came out last night! I had a blast meeting new friends and being welcomed by old one :) Christina, thanks for being part of this blog! Evette, you win the TRAVEL award! Two hours and ten minutes is worth a shout out and some blog love :)


Anonymous said...

My name is Diana Long and I've been a missionary in Japan for over 30 years. I came back this week for a vacation to Lake Arrowhead and wanted to find a church to visit. Thankfully I found the church you spoke at last night by chance!

Let me tell you, myself and two Japanese women who were with me were SO blessed by your message. I have never heard someone so young speak with such authority! I didn't think you would pack such a powerful punch. May God bless you in all you do! Arigato.

Nessa :) said...

Suggestion: can you put a loved it box that we can check below in your reaction corner.

Bianca said...

@Diana: It was MY pleasure meeting you yesterday! I hope you have a wonderful holiday :) Jaa mata!
@Nessa: Is this my cousin?! Has she come out of the stalker closet?! Has Hades frozen over? ;) I don't know how to add or delete those little boxes but I'll see what I can do. FYI it'll be all for you :)

Lydia said...


Jasmine said...

SO proud of you! :)

Anonymous said...

I am home! I'm bummed you weren't up before 7, I was getting pounded by waves all day, and I checked literally as I was in my car leaving, to see if you happened to be up that early. Haha. Thank YOU for your amazing skills at writing. I love it and look forward to it everyday. I look forward to seeing you maybe sometime soon!

Cristina :-)
(with no "H," c'mon I'm mexican!) haha
No worries

Anonymous said...

Funny story... at least I think so... but I'm certainly no judge. ;)

Anyway, I'm sitting in church this morning talking with my friend in the next row about blogging/FB, etc. She says she got a new follower! Yay! :)

Named Bianca!

Huh?! Instantly I knew it was you. Weird? Yes. I go "Bianca... um... Star?" (I know your last name is not Star but I was having a moment). We totally were bonding over our Bianca/Jasmine connection.

Anyway, I just wanted to speak up and tell you how much I appreciate your blog/thoughts. :)

God Bless! :)


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