Wednesday, July 15, 2009

love... [III of III]

My parents have been married for over 35 years and have a great marriage. He loves all her idiosyncrasies like the way she eats chicken, the smirk which betrays her innocence when she knows she is wrong, or the pile of to-do lists that never get done. But in 13,140 days that they have been married, the man who vowed to love her through sickness and health, richness or poverty, good times or bad, has let her down. Not because he doesn't love her but because he is human. You can ask any married woman if their husband has let them down and if they're honest, they'll agree. But there is a man whose love never fails, waivers, or weakens. 

Isaiah 54:10 For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but my lovingkindness shall not depart from you... 

A pastor in Bangor, Maine uttered a statement in a  sermon that has branded my heart and mind since the moment he stated it: Love can make us do what the law cannot. In part one of this series I mentioned Deuteronomy 6:5 which is a law that states that we are love the Lord our God will the totality of our being; our heart, soul, and mind. The entire book of Deuteronomy is law! We are forced and expected to love the Lord, to walk in His ways, and obey His commands.

But true, effecacious love of triune God is different. 1 John 4:20 tells us that we love Him, for He first loved us. It's reactionary! Innately I'm inclined to love me, myself, and I. But I am compelled by awe and amazement to LOVE the Creator of the universe, the Hope of the nations, the Friend to the friendless, the Father to the fatherless, and the lover of my soul.

We are fickle and forgetful human beings who fall prey to leaving the most important man in our life. May we not become like the Ephesian church in Revelation 2:4 who left their first love. He is a gentleman and will never force Himself upon you or force you to love Him. God Almighty stands with Living Water for those who are thirsty and Bread of Life for those who are hungry. With arms open wide, He is calling you back into His arms of love, crying out to the very depths of our soul saying, Let me love you, forgive you, and make you whole. For I am the lover of your soul...

What is LOVE? God is love.


Anonymous said...

So needed this. I work at a church and need to "rekindle" my love for Christ. It's with a sad heart that I say my desire has waned. What are some practical steps or "first works" that I can do to be on fire for Jesus?

Anonymous said...

Awe so true!! Thanks for the reminder!! Have I told you lately that I love and appreciate you...cause I do!


Diandra Ann said...

another great one B! Thanks for your wise words :)

melanie said...

umm...nice label. i can see you singing it now. ;o) thanks for a little morning time inspiration, though.
in spite of the many times over the last decade and a half that i may have let you down...ummm yah, i'm sure you remember a time or two. i still love you, too. like ponch loves millie and fat kids love cake.

Bianca said...

@anonymous: 1. I think everyone has been at a point of waning love. Don't get down about. 2. You have recognized this issue, now ask the Lord to make you passionate for him once again. 3. I encourage you to not get stuck in a rut with your bible reading routine. Mix it up, prayer with fervency, cry out to the Lord honestly with where you are at. He is faithful and He will breathe new life into you :)
@J: Thanks for your prayers!!!
@Diandra: Come home safe :)
@Mella: Did you say cake? Now I'm hungry!!!

Frances said...

So refreshing!

After last night's confession I thank Jesus for His mercies are new every morning.

I thank God for you and your studies.

Anonymous said...

Between last night message and your blog series on what is LOVE, I am awed. I am a married women and my husband has let me down as I have let him down. Together we communicate to each other and ask for Gods hands and words to see us thru. God Bless YOU!

Lindsay said...

Great post as always.
I giggled to myself when I read the labels, and started singing it in my head! Very funny!

Lydia said...

Have you read "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan? I've heard good things about it, and Christian Audio is giving away the audiobook for free if you type in the code JUL2009!


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