Wednesday, July 29, 2009


You were like a bullfighter, she said in her accented English. For the past six weeks you have baited and courted listeners to dive at danger and avoid getting hurt. And last night you gently pierced us to the heart. My aunt called me this morning to encourage me in the only way she knows how: through analogy. Analogies are how my family communicates best because we are visual learners and story-tellers. Though language barriers and generational differences caused blurred biblical explanations, my auntie supported me and believed in me like a fan cheering in a bullfight for six continuous weeks.

Her phone call reminded me that two years ago I saw a real bullfight in Madrid, Spain and I left the stadium sick to my stomach and in desperate need of paella (it was actually my excuse just to eat paella but don't tell anyone). It was the worst experience ever. But I left happy because I got to scream Ole! as the bull charged the matador with fury. I even bought the famous red shirt with the black bull on it. What can I say? I'm a tacky tourist who wears cheesy shirts and orders paella at every meal.

In her simplicity, my aunt reminded me that sin, like a raging bull, is dangerous and deadly. We are called to be like a matador, gentle as a dove yet wise as a serpent (Matthew 10:16), and kill sin thoroughly. It's an ugly and horrific experience, but when completed we can stand and scream Ole! To download last night's vodcast, click here. It'll be posted by 3PM pst. For more on killing sin, check out John Piper's devotional here.



Lydia said...

I tried to watch live last night, but neither the audio nor video worked for me. I'll be downloading the podcast and watching it though! One week you mentioned there were a list of questions to ask yourself during the week or some kind of handout. Would you mind posting it online for all us unfortunate enough to live too far away to have attended?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything. For exposing your personal struggles, For keepin it real, and for never holding back. God used you B, and I'm thankful you allowed Him to.

"Speak, for your servant hears."

You heard and spoke forth truth. Even when it hurt.

renay. said...

What a great analogy and sooo very appropriate. And by the way, great series! It was by far the best one in the past four years. Three cheers for our precious Lord's truth and for your faithfulness! Hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray... ok, ok... OLE!

Bliss said...

I never thought of finding a "corrida" vĂ­deo in your blog. That's funny ;)

Bianca said...

@Lydia: I'm so sorry for the tech difficulties! It's posted online. Don't know why it didn't work for you :( My bad.
@Anon: ...truth even when it hurts. Yup!
@Renay: I LOVE your comments! They always make me laugh :)
@Bliss: I represented today for the Spaniards!!! Ole! Thanks for coming out of the closet ;)

Bianca said...

Bliss, you ARE from Spain?! Oh my goodness?!?! SO cool! Glad I didn't say anything bad ;)

Next time I'm in Barce or Palma, I'll let you know! Barce is my favorite city... and soccer team ;)

Bliss said...

I am in the north of Spain (more rain and less bullfight) and I am devoted to Real Madrid ;) but I'll be delighted to meet you anywhere in Spain :)

Un beso ;)

Anonymous said...

same problem here, but at least i got to listen to half of the message. B you rock!!

christy said...

love the doesn't matter what kind of sin, it does hurt us...even if it's just we gotta ask God to help us take it down before it takes us down:)

hey BTW, I say u should try and get a speaking engagement down here in San Deezy...i would love to come see you:)


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