Wednesday, July 8, 2009

love leads to repentance...

Whittier College circa 1999: Stauffer dormitory heard me beg for mercy like my life depended on it. Because it did.

I was caught in a little lie that turned into a massive lie. Let's just say that my attempted cover-up involved Nermin, the resident aid, John, the campus security guard, the Whittier Police Department... and my Dad. In order to cover my stupidity, I made up a tiny fib that covered my tracks. Nermin sighed relief, John left the dorm room, the police department was notified that I was okay, and well, Dad hung up the phone and that was that. Or so I thought. 

Jasmine was my roommate and apparently a hot version of Elliot Stabler. She knew I was lying. She just couldn't prove it. The next day everything was exposed in our small dorm room and Jasmine was filled with righteous indignation. She was so angry with me she almost slapped me. Not because I was a liar but because I lacked the moral fiber to tell the truth. She stopped in the middle of our blue throw rug and stared at me with hot fire in her eyes. You have two options, she said. You call Dad or I call Dad. Oh sweet Moses! Oh sweet Abraham! Oh sweet baby Jesus! Please.Don't.Make.Me.Call.Dad. I could tell Nermin, John, and the entire Whittier Police Department that I was a big, fat liar, but there was NO way in this great earth that I was going to tell my father. Um, let's just say that we rumbled and tumbled in our third story room, then I chased her down the stairwell, then I busted open the pay phone door, then I pulled the pay phone from the wall (yes, the wall), then I chased her down the walkway of Whittier College yelling at her in tears to please have mercy on me and not call Dad. 

She looked at me with the seriousness of a nun and said, I'm calling Dad. 

I knew I had to beat her to the punch so I hopped in my black Pontiac and sped down Washington Boulevard until I reached his office. I ran past the secretary, the office technician, the custodian, and into his office. My face was tear stained and swollen from crying during the drive. I bolted into his office and before I could even say a word he said, Bibee, it's okay. It's okay and I love you. Speechless and weak in the knees, I capitulated on the floor and began to sob. He reached down and stroked my head assuring me that he still loved me and things would be okay. 

In Luke 15 we see that the true love and forgiveness of a father led to true repentance in a wayward son. After wild living and squandering wealth on hoochies, a starving man feeding debase animals realizes that life with his father is better than anything money could buy. From a far distance his father ran with open arms to receive him, lavishly pouring kisses upon him. The love of the father motivates a true heart of repentance. For a full discussion and explanation of this parable, the talk from last night is live and ready to download here


Anonymous said...

The study last night was once again AWESOME!!! Thank you Bianca for the message and keeping it real. Your study makes me examine myself and expose my hidden sin. I feel freed up after confessing it to my Lord Jesus.


Kate said...

What a beautiful story of love and example of who Christ is through your dad! Made my day!

Bianca said...

@m: i need a bit more help as to know who you are, but i'm SO glad you enjoyed last night. i felt like i was struggling through it.
@kate: i LOVED sd and can't wait to go back. what church do you go to?

His Jewel said...

You'd be a great fiction writer. I love reading anything you write! But you do leave us hanging. Your dad is awesome and one in a million! It's true, what an example of Christ's love for us. I was sad to see your dad off of FB. =(

Anonymous said...

Bianca my dear child, so far I can see myself with all of those sins you have mentioned, the veil that was covering my eyes is all tore down, thank you so much.. God is working on me tremendously and he is using you and your minister to help me see the real me (and ain’t cute at all). God Bless your heart..

Girl4Gsus "Liz" said...

Wow! I loved your study last night! I give thanks to the Lord for you and how He is using you for His Kingdom. I know it was thru Christ that you had me laughing, crying, examining myself, surrending, and just feeling High on His Mighty Love and Holy Spirit!

Your stories are always so nice to read.. Hurry and get a book out ;)~
Sell it at Church w/ a 25% off of it's 1st week, so I can buy it.. LOL...

Love ya! See you next Tues. God Willing.

Lauren said...

I love your stories! :)

The truth is so much easier than the burden of a lie. Yet we continue to think the lie will save us and others. How many people have a similar story to this (I do!) and the loved one is always far more accepting and forgiving than you could ever imagine. The truth will set you free! :)

Lydia said...

I can't wait to listen to it! Off to do a little downloading.

jacquelinefigueroa said...

Thanks for sharing your "non spirituality" here and in class :) Loooove it!!! It makes me feel normal. We're all just one jacked up happy family that Loves Jesus! Can I get an Amen??!!

Nayi said...

Hey Bianca...

Truly it has been a blessing!!
I will continue to lift you up to our Lord and looking forward to the upcoming weeks.

More heart surgery it's sooooo good.

Love ya
Nayi :O)

Quirky Christa said...

Sniffle, pregnant hormones can't handle these posts :)Nothing compares to a Father's love

Anonymous said...

love you...that's all! C U tonight!


Bianca said...

@jewel: you're the best cheerleader. Evah!
@liz: you know i love you and ham :)
@lauren: you're from Down Unda'?! SO cool. thanks for posting a comment. i can't wait to follow your blog.
@lydia: more ugly sins to expose. ugh! but happy you're checking it out :)
@jacky: looks who's come out of the stalker closet? woohoo! love your bloggy boo :)
@nayi: please enjoy a NJ tomato for me!!! they're are divine!
@quirky: let me know your baby's birth date... i want to blog about it!!!
@j: let's get ready to rumble!!! tell theo that i'm bringing my big guns.

Jasmine said...

Hahahaha! I totally can't believe you brought up this story. ON THE INTERNET!! :)
love you

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Cyn aka "Older Brother"...pierced & revived.


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