Wednesday, October 7, 2009

five things i love but don't want to...

Some people are effortlessly cool. I, on the other hand, must really try hard. You know, try to be witty, try to be suave, try to be composed when really I'm desperately trying to find that happy place of assurance in my mind. People like Promise Tangeman just are cool. Like, really, really, ridiculously cool [said like Zoolander]. Promise has a reoccurring post on her blog about the five things she loves each season. I told her I was going to copy her idea, but when non-cool kids try to be cool, it somehow ends up flat. So, I'm embracing Nerdom and creating my own version of "five things."

Five Things I Love But Don't Want To:
1. Using this data-base you can plug in virtually any food and it'll tabulate your caloric intake. It'll also allow you to chart your weight loss, exercise routine, and help you target your necessary calories.
Why I hate it: I'm OCD and I'll become a bit too obsessed with trying to calculate my caloric intake. By the end of the day, I almost always go over my calorie amount and feel like calling my friends Ben and Jerry to bring spoons to the couch so we can commiserate.

2. Pink Grapefruit Perrier. I try not to drink carbonated liquids, but there is something about this sparkling water that I adore! I literally drink it out of the bottle like a parched man in the Sahara desert.

3. iPhone and apps. My iPhone is literally the bane of my existence. I don't want to love it, but I can't get rid of it. It's like a three-legged puppy with one eye; you don't want to like it, but it's almost neglectful to ignore it. I'm trying to work on turning it off just as an act of discipline. But yes, I twitch until it's back on.

4. Reality TV. Ugh, I know, I know. Reality television isn't real. But that's why it's better than real life. Hello?! I'm smart enough to know that game shows are rigged, scripts are surreptitiously memorized, and drama in injected to every episode, but that's what make it fun.

5. Hulu. My schedule pretty much doesn't allow time for television, but now there's this handy-dandy website that is AMAZING. Thanks Hulu for letting me waste the few free minutes I have on mind-rotting trash. You're the best!

So at the end of my day you'll find me sitting on my couch drinking Perrier out of the bottle, twittering on my iPhone, and tabulating my calories while watching reality TV on Hulu. So spill it! What are your five things you love but don't want to? I dare you!


Diandra Ann said...

okay. I just laughed right out loud. :)

1. the gym. i love being there and i love how i feel afterward but I hate the act of actually going and usually have an argument with myself about whether or not I am going to go.

2.carbs. MMMM... I love pasta and bread and all that great stuff. But my abs do not love them so much.

3. I'll copy you on this one a little and say my palm pre. it is glued to me... all the time! I cant seem to be without it and i freak out a bit if it isnt working.

4. Disneyland. It's pretty much amazing... but I get a little crazy with the strollers and kids crying...

5. YOU! Okay well I guess this one is cheating because I only LOVE you! xoxo

Jenn said...

1. chocolate 2. driving 3. britney spears 4. the gym 5. coffee.

:) Hahahahaha

Marisa said...

such a great post :)

1. checking my email. either on my phone, my ipod, my laptop...i'm addicted in a very bad way.

2. dr pepper. it's always been my favorite, and always will be. made myself fast completely from all coke (soda for those of you not from so cal) for the month of far so good...

3. facebook. i made myself fast from this too, because the addiction was that bad.

4. candy. blasted heathens who came up with halloween i loath thee!

5. sunbathing. probably a reason God moved me to seattle, which should tell you how much i love the sun.

Anonymous said...

1. Time Sucking Gadgets & Technology
2. Eating Out. I wish I was a person who LOVED to cook but I find it drudgery.
3. Non-fat Mochas.
4. Making To-Do Lists
5. Showers. I take way too many. And my skin is parched because of it. ;)

Anonymous said...

1-Facebook: super addicted to it.
2-Kids: like them but at the same time cannot stand their bratness, specially when they are big and parents have spoiled them so much, that when you said no to them is like killing them.
3-Reallity shows, The real housewives of Atlanta, what is so real about that?
4-OCD: cleaning too much. seriously i have a problem
5-Hamburgers, love them but they make my hips their permanent home.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! I was just distracted by Wentworth Miller... what were you saying?


Anonymous said...

1) Facebook...i cant get enough of it - im constantly checking it on my phone

2) Novelas (you know, spanish soap operas) mom watches them so I watch them with her - as cheesy as they are, the plots get good!

3) Starbucks...Cinnamon Dolce Latte, mmm mmm mmm delicious - but buying too many leaves me broke :(

4) The Hills...i L.O.V.E. that show - but I dont know why, its all pointless television

5) Target...i walk in with ONE thing in mind to buy and walk out with a MILLION! it happens to me ALL the time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Miller...

1) chocolate
2) red velvet cake
3) cheescake
4) coke floats
5) fudge brownies with walnuts

Love Mrs. Garces...

His Jewel said...

5 Things I love but don't want to..

1. My iPod! Totally addicted to worship music and Calvary Podcasts, so when it got stolen in Amsterdam, I went into hock to buy another! A month later, still trying to catch up! =(

2. Restaurants! While I love to cook, it's not fun cooking for one! So I spend way too much on Restaurants and eating out!

3. Snuggles, my dog. He has literally been my baby for soon to be 10 yrs (10/22/09) and when the Lord takes him, I will be devastated!

4. My PINK BlackBerry! Now I don't even log onto my laptop anymore since everything is at the tips of my fingers!

5. Diet Coke! It brings out the flavor in food like fine wine! lol

Bianca said...

I seriously am totally laughing right now! These are great!!!

@JG, yes, you TOTALLY got my Wentworth Miller insert. I'm praying for his salvation ;)
@HisJewel, you're crazy?! Diet coke is sin in a can! Yuck. One day my friend, you'll walk on the right side ;)
@Anon: The Hills is worst of all reality shows. I had to give it up for Lent. Just kidding. But I did give it up.
@Michelle: I need to add to-do lists to my list as well. In fact, I'll make a to-do list ;)
@Marisa: I gave up on fb too! I just go on every once in a while. It's too addicting.
@Jenn: In the words of Britney Spears, it's toxic.
@Diandra: CARBS AND DISNEYLAND! No, better yet, carbs AT disneyland. [flashback to my birthday]

Anonymous said...

1. pan dulce
2. chocolate cookies
3. chips and salsa-- i don't eat them in moderation
4. my warm cozy blankets--its too difficult getting up in morning
5. The Food Network. (it's helpful but more than half the times i don't ever try the recipes myself

His Jewel said...

LOL! What's the right side, Grapefruit Perrier? That picture and your description makes my mouth water! Now I'll have to try it! OCD that I am, I'm already on Calorie Counter since I read this post! Who knew? I didn't! LOL

YIKES said...

5 Things I love but dont want to:

1. My Blackberry...I hadnt upgraded my old phone for 3 or 4 yrs. then...I got my Blackberry. Never thought I would even like it. NOW I can't live without it. Even if no one calls me it goes with me everywhere. :-)
2. Of course, FB....Another thing I thought I would never have any interest in and WHA LA, here it is in my life. Have to let 5 days go by before I get back on.
3. Hate to say this...but my ex-boyfriend. Won't go any further on this subject.
4. Love lots of reality shows...the worst one to love is Bridezillas. Those women are horrible, but, I love to watch what I am not. Thank you Jesus. They give me a headache and I still watch. What does that say about me.
5. I'm with Anonymous up there...I love hamburgers, but, I am IN LOVE with french fries more. Bad!! I know.
Thanks, B, for this lil insight into my riduculous indulgences. Great post as usual.

renay. said...

Ok, so I want in on the humor too!

1. Watchin' WWE with my hubby. It's something my hubby and I can do together, however, it encourages him to make me a victim of an Undertaker imitation!

2. The combination of Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio and Cherry Garcia ice cream. This combo tastes exactly like Spumoni (a fav flavor of mine but B&J's happens to be an expensive addiction.

3. The Wendy William Show. Love her lovable personality and catch phrase, "How you doin'?" but the whole show is trashy, celeb gossip!

4. Collections (i.e. dolls, snowglobes, destination magnets). Love that they say a little bit about your interests but when people catch wind of your likes and interests, you end up with wall-to-wall knick-knacks!

5. The Dollar Tree. Yes, I can get great deals on some stuff but I spend just as much for MORE useless things.

So there you go! :)

promise tangeman said...

hahaha. LOVE THI IDEA. you are rockin it.

Anonymous said...

1. Sleeping in
2. Sweets
3. Facebook
4. Christian Romance Novels
5. Making the gym a high priority

Kayla said...


Okay, see? I just totally showed how uncool I am. I flailed.

*hangs head*

juniorj said...

I'm glad to know that you're human. And I wish I had an iphone.

Anonymous said...


I think that I would be able to make a list longer than 5 but for u I will shorten it..
1.) Facebook- super addicted, even to the point when people talk about it I pretend that I am not addicted.

2.) Diet Coke- no explanation needed

3.) The hills- i know its sad to say, but there is something that keeps me going back.

4.) Chocolate-girls best friend

5.) my laptop- wont give this one up, only way I can check blogs that I love

Glad to know that you are human!! And I want an iphone too


Cindy A. said...

1. Facebook: Seeing this on so many lists makes me want to start a Facebook-ers Anonymous Support Group!

2. Snacks: especially those 100 calorie pre-packaged snacks, curse my sweet tooth and savory taste buds!

3. Biggest Loser and Grey's Anatomy. Watching BL is so mentally unhealthy for me because I get angry/frustrated with myself and with the contestants when they whine and cry about losing ONLY 8 lbs in ONE week when I only lost 0.6 lbs. And I schedule my Thursday nights around Grey's... yes, I will put others on hold and hand out rain checks at the drop of a hat if something conflicts with my weekly dosage of McDreamy.

4. Boys. (I'm with you, YIKES, on the ex-boyfriend thing, might as well throw him on the list too!)

5. Looking in the mirror. We have a very committed love-hate relationship. Need I say more?


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