Tuesday, October 27, 2009

kindergarten and conferences...

My body thinks it's 3:45am, but according to Chicagans (yes, I made up that word), it's 5:45am. I can hear trash collectors and sirens and taxis and I feel like I'm at home. I love the electricity of the city and I'm excited to see what she smells like, looks like, and of course, taste like!

I'm at the Cultivate09 conference and tomorrow I'll be at StoryChicago, but I fully intend on journaling my experiences. Conferences are like kindergarten to me. You know, the nervousness of trying something new, outside of Mom's warm arms and into a world of opinionated and crazy personalities. Not like I would really KNOW what kindergarten is like--I was homeschooled. But imagine it would be like this. Minus the naps and animal crackers.

It would be remiss not to mention today I begin my Living Biblically experiment. I'm not sure if now is the time to start, but, as the natives would say, Eh, get over yourself! So I'm doin' this. I'm updating Twitter and occassionally my facebook, so if you want to join the ride, you're more than welcome to!

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Cindy A. said...

I LOVE CHICAGO!!!! Enjoy every second of it: Take a jog along Lake Michigan if you have a chance! Eat pizza and visit Navy Pier at night!

I'll be expecting pictures and posts on what you learned at the conference and how StoryChicago went!


christy said...

i can't wait to tag along for your Living Biblically experiment....

melissa said...

First let me say, it was so cute that I read both yours and jasmine's posts today and you both made up "new words" as you were typing. Made me laugh. My hubster is a twin, and they do the same thing.... So cute.

Annnnd speaking of my husband and new words, he saw your father speak at the men's conference on Saturday and said, "He's REALLY smart. He says these words I have never heard before. Thank God He told us what they meant!"

Enjoy the conference...I always equate them as being on God's mountain, this high of being surrounded by God's people, in God's word and it's just a taste of things to come....

So fun! (Oh and you and your sister both happen to reference homeschooling in your post too.... haha! Too funny)

Have an awesome time in the city!

Jasmine said...

Okay, so I know pizza is, like, a SIN in your book...but just be a heathen for a day and EAT A SLICE for me! :)

Kayla said...

SO JEALOUS that you're going to Story -______-

Okay I'm over it.


Please provide me with every detail and copies of your notes and PLEASE flail all over Don Miller and Mike Hyatt for me. Thanks, I knew you'd have my back.

Bianca said...

All I have to say is deep dish pizza is the best food I've ever eaten. Period. No, really, I had an outer body experience or something. It was THAT good.

Cindy, I'm TOTALLY running tomorrow! I'm not in Chicago anymore :( I'm in the 'burbs.
Christy, I'm making up the rules tonight for my experiment.
Mel, isn't my dad the bestest! He's so darn cute!
Kayla, I get to join your ranks and hug Michael Hyatt. Well, maybe not hug but at least shake his sweet magical writing hand :)
Jas, you bet your bippy I ate pizza. One slice for you, one slice for me!

christy said...

bippy? That's a funny word...

Laurel said...

Both conferences look like they will be wonderful. Look forward to hearing about them.

mama of 13


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