Thursday, October 22, 2009

lessons from an atheist...

Instantly chop my hair off? Sure! Take a Nazirite vow? Sounds like fun! Compete in a mud run? Sign me up! Take a hip-hop class with professional dancers while you have no training? Doin' it!

My friends roll their eyes when I share my latest harebrained commitment. Everyone knows I'm going to regret these spontaneous decisions, but I don't care. When Life calls me out to the proverbial dance floor, it's as if I have to bust out my windmill head-spin and pop up with the ever-flagrant, You Got Served! Maybe it's the underdog in me. Maybe it's stupidity. All I know is no matter what, I have to rise to the occasion.

I'm reading A.J. Jacobs' latest book, A Year of Biblical Living. I bought the book simply to read about the atheist who decided to take the bible literally. And when I say literally I mean devoting 365 days to living out hilarious adherence to the Old and New Testament. I'm sure people must think I'm like the crazy lady from Venice beach who pushes her grocery cart full of cats and talks to herself, because when I read this book I talk to myself when I'm by myself. Yes, as in out loud. Even worse, I smother laughs and snorts in Starbucks which I try to play off as a coughs. Yes, I'm that cool.

I'm finishing the book and instead of the elation which comes from completion, there's a disconcerting feeling I call conviction. I can't explain it--it's not like a voice or a crop circle that mysteriously appears as a sign. It's something beyond me. Life is challenging me to live biblically. It's straight-up krumping in my face and calling me out to live a life worthy of the gospel (or at least the title of Christian).

I mean, this shouldn't be hard, right? I've read the bible cover-to-cover three times. I've hugged orphans in Mexico and shared Jesus in Japan. I've given money away to homeless people with witty signs and gave a sandwich to the crazy cat-lady from Venice beach. So what can I learn from the Jewish, atheist, germophobic writer who lives in New York? Apparently how to actually live out what I believe.

I'll be blogging about it for a week or so. When will it start? Uh, when you see me doing the Robot and the Roger Rabbit on the dance floor, you'll know it's started.


Diandra Ann said...

Excellent blog my dear.
Totally reading this book.

Anonymous said...

I too, will except the call to live a life worthy of the gospel!!! Yikes...why does that give me the chills. Pray for you, you pray for me, k?!

PS...great blog...very witty! love it!


His Jewel said...

Love this blog, B, thanks! You crack me up! I can totally visualize you laughing and snorting at Starbucks! LOL When I'm busting up I snort too! LOL I too will have to read this book.

Justine said...

I really like this blog .... have just found it. I can resonate with the reading to yourself and smothering laughs. From a fellow 'un-coolist' ... if that's even a word?!!
Have a great day

Bianca said...

Diandra, J, and Jewels, you know that dorks all congregate together, right? I'm just sayin'...

Justine, welcome to the blog. Totally love the comment-love!

Anonymous said...

umm...what's a Nazirite vow?

Bianca said...

@anonymous: in short, this vow is a vow of consecration for purity. so, stay away from dead bodies, don't cut your hair, and do not eat or drink anything from the vine (skin and seeds included).

Here's a link to a commentary:

Anonymous said...

This is going to be an interesting topic. Can't wait to hear more. Just today I heard a lady on the bus talking about another fellow bus rider and how nice, giving and compasionate she is and ended her comment by saying -"christians don't get it and buddisnt do"

wow, it struck a cord in me.


jennifer said...

just found your blog. have been enjoying your words. are you a venice resident? my family will be moving to the area soon... and we are looking for our new church home. if you have any recommendations, i'd love to know.

glo said...

What's up B?
Lovin the blog!!
It's like sitting there with you having a convo and KIR;)

stayin real and lovin it...

Celia Jimenez said...

Ha ha...I went to Calvary Chapel Bible College in Europe (when it was in Austria) and I did shave my head...kind of like my version of the Nazarite vow. Never regretted it either! :-) Loved your that I'm vows need to take more the form of how I'm living out my everyday life!!! Thanks for the reminder!

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3-Design Photography said...

I have just finished watching your sister on creative live and you popped up on my twitter. I was like wait isn't that the same person! Still I just read this post. Awesome! I love the part were life is krumping in your face because I know what your mean. I feel like God is saying "Bring it" and I am not were near being ready but I am trying. I look forward to seeing how you bust a move!


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