Friday, October 30, 2009

why i'll be a horrible parent...

I love my laptop. No, really, I love my laptop. When I take it to my Mac genius for routine checkups, I have separation anxiety and suffer from empty nest syndrome. I always joke around that it's my child and she's needy. I even bought a pink plastic cover in case she's ever dropped or something hits her. What worries me the most is that I'll be the parent who makes their kid wear a helmet out to the grocery store--you never know what might happen in the frozen foods section! As my mother always says, it's better to be safe than sorry.

So you can imagine my horror when I opened my baby carrier (aka laptop side bag) to discover she wasn't there [reason #835,458,457 why I'll be a horrible parent]. I nearly passed out. She's my life. No, literally, my life. Everything of importance is on that cubic piece of technology (even my thesis from grad school which I've yet to backup on a hard drive). I immediately called the location of the conference and they graciously shipped it out today.

I have a loaner laptop from the IT department from work which everyone says is the same thing, but right now I feel like Angelina Jolie in Changeling, people! This is not my child! I know my child. I'm not crazzzzyyyy!

All that to say, I can't do my Friday Vlog which I'm totally bummed about because I don't have a camera. What I will say is I can't wait to share with you what is brewing in my head about the comments on those trying to jump in the challenge to live biblically. One word: Grace. I'll post the video on Monday, so hopefully you'll come back and check it out.

The Pharisee of all Pharisees


Cindy A. said...

Thanks for being so real and transparent.
Thanks for the love.
Thanks for pointing to Christ.
Thanks for the call to action.


Anonymous said...

Baby Helmets!! BWAHAHAHHAHAaaa!! You totally should! That'd be AWESOME! :P

Anonymous said...

p.s. The Changeling was the *most frustrating* movie I've seen in a long time. Ugh. :(

Anonymous said...

you are so funny!!! drama queen!!!

Anonymous said...
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Jenn said...

This means you're getting practice and will be a great mom!

I always look forward to the Vlogs. They are my favorite posts because it helps me understand how to be a better person.

Rebecca said...

I love your vlogs! I will sit here twiddling my thumbs till Monday. :P

Frances said...

Thanks for the chuckle! I love your writing style.

PS -- you'll be a wonderful mom (word of advice -- don't leave your child at a conference -- don't think they FEDEX kids!)!

Anonymous said...

Awe BB...I love you mucho! You're a nut! ;) So glad you're safely home! Can't wait to hear all about what's been brewing in that head. Praying you find some time to rest.


Laurel said...

My little baby Mac has a purple hard plastic case. Maybe we should hook up our two little baby macs.

I bought an external hard drive a year ago ... but I haven't hooked it up yet. I really wouldn't want to lose my 14,000 pictures.

I've never left my baby mac anywhere ... but we have misplaced a child or two ... oops! But, we found them. Glad your baby mac is on its way home.

I think you'll make a WONDERFUL mommy ... in the Lord's timing.

mama of 13

Anonymous said...

I don't at all want to sound rude Bianca (I don't in the least mean to be), but why is it a given that you are going to be a parent in the first place?

There are plenty of totally fulfilled people who don't have kids (either by circumstances or by choice), and there are plenty of people who love children enough to be parents, but choose to adopt rather than have bio kids.

Just some food for thought from an old Whittier College friend.

Jennie Finch said...

You will be an incredible amazing parent! You have learned from the best! Lots of love and hugs!

I have the same pink plastic cover too!


Beth said...

Haha, this post made me die. I'm sure your mac appreciates your motherly love. I know my laptop loves me fussing over her - she told me.

Bianca said...

Well, I STILL don't have my laptop. Total bummer, but I'll get over it.

Anonymous Poet,
I wish you would've revealed your identity so I could've emailed you or facebooked you, but I guess I should address this openly :)
I totally agree on the assumptions about child rearing! What I haven't mentioned on the blog is that I'm not sure I want to bear my own spawn. With so many children in the world who don't have parents, I feel compelled to adopt or foster. So whether I have a child organically or legally, I will at some day be a parent. Yes, the parent who packs 30 pairs of underwear for a 7-day camp, uses a car-seat until my child is 18, and makes my child wear a helmet to the grocery market.
I would love to know who you are (poets unite!) so drop me DM on Twitter, text on my cell, or a note on my fb wall. In all seriousness, I'm stoked you even read my blog! F'real.

Diandra Ann said...

Um... I can attest to the fact that the pink cover has been well worth your money! Remember my church? Or have you blocked that little incident out of your brain? :) the child was dropped... GASP!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about my anonymity, Bianca. I'm Brian Banker from Whittier College, remember, from WCCF? Remember me?

I'm good friends with the Bessman sisters from way back via Family Christian Stores and a mutual friend, and that's how I found your excellent blog. :-)

I can say for myself that if God ever blesses me with the income, stability, and marital circumstances to have a family, that I very much would prefer that it be an adopted family. Personally, I feel that the best way to be a parent is to give my love to someone who has never known it. I mean, millions of kids are perishing each and every year without Christ, why not give one a chance to know Him?

Anyway I hope you are doing just great. We should catch up! I'll add you on Facebook tonight. :-)

Anonymous said...

Also that we would do without your excellent phrase


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