Tuesday, March 2, 2010

knowing who he is, so i'll never forget who i am...

As we walked down roads and up alleyways, I could see the excitement in my father's eyes as he shared stories from his childhood. If cobblestone roads could talk, stories of Revolution renegades and European exiles would emanate from the stones beneath our feet. San Miguel de Allende is a popular artist community full of brightly colored buildings and historic monuments that bring visitors from all over the world, even today.

Memories flooded our conversations as we walked aimlessly through dusty streets. He shared with me the struggles of growing up alone in the city. He shared with me the memories which canonized this magical city. He shared with me who he was, so I'll never forget who I am.

There is something important about knowing your history. Knowing where you come from will determine where you are going.

At dinner last night we soaked in the quiet streets and boisterous crickets as we reminisced about where God has brought both of us. He and I have a passion for mobilizing people to love and serve God. But without our history of hurt, struggle, and pain, I'm not sure we'd be able to speak with conviction on the grace bestowed to us through the salvation of Christ.

In Leviticus the children of Israel are reminded over and over to impart their history of struggle to their children so they would never forget the miraculous deeds done for them. I'm not an Israelite, but today I heard the words of my father and as a child of God, I will never forget the miraculous deeds done for us through the Divine hand of God.

What are your roots? Where are you from? How has your journey determined the way you live your life?


Melinda said...

My mom is doing a separate Passover blog. In this period before Easter she has been going through the Passover and the Seder and all the symbolism. The Passover meal was designed for the child to ask "Why is this night different?" They whole meal was designed so they would learn about where they came from. My life has many bumps and bruises, but it is uniquely mine for a reason.

Jasmine said...

So jealous of you and Dad. I may never forgive you. Just sayin'... ;)

Diandra Ann said...

Dang it Bi... you made me cry again :)

I love this.

And PS... I want to use your dad's story for a book I'm working on. And your writing? Pretty please??? :)

Bianca said...

@Melinda: Are you JEWISH??? Whaaaat?! This gets better and better.

@JazzyWazzy: I wub juh! And I mish juh too.

@Diandra: We need to talk! What are you writing? Lunch, coffee, Disneyland, Matt, Javi, whatever. Let's do it.

Anonymous said...

thats beautiful bi that first you went to your mom's home town and now your dad's!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I too want to know my family's history. I want to know where I came from b/c that always keeps me focused on what God has called me to. I have had the opportunity to go through part of my family history over the last year and found out that some family members on my mom's side of our family were missionaries, pastors and people somehow, someway involved in ministry. I'm glad you got to experience this with your dad!
Its a beautiful thing!

Annie said...

Oh, how I do love you and the love you share with us. But even MORE ... I love the love you and your Daddy share. Que Bueno!! (did I say that right??) :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks B. I had a very tough childhood, just like your dad did, growing In Central America, my mom a single mom with 4 kids struggling daily to give us food. Sometimes I remember her saying to us, “just go to sleep and the hunger will go away, tomorrow we may have a better day” those I have kept words in the back of my mind and at the center of my heart, I may be don’t know who my biological father is but I do not my heavenly father is good, I remember growing up kids made fun of my sibling and I because we didn’t know our father, now I can tell them, I may do not know where I came from but I do not where I going. thanks to my heavenly Father.. God Bless you B.

Christa Hann said...

I'm a girl from a small fishing village, that seemed to catch up on the newest and latest thing a decade later. I'm grew up in a Christian home without much money but with much love!
I live my life now appreciative of everything I have, if anything I feel guilty when people give gifts because I feel undeserving. I've never known a "wealthy" life.
And now I have my own family that is filled with much love.

Bianca said...

@Not-So-Anonymous: 1. I love you. 2. I love that you love my family. 3. You're my mom's favorite.

@Annie: You and me both need to learn espanish! Hahahaha. I can't wait to meet you one day!!!

@Anonymous and Christa Hann: I LOVE READING ABOUT YOUR STORIES!!! I was so moved. Everyone has a story. Everyone has something to share. Thank you for being honest and open!

Laurel said...

Because of the pain endured through childhood abuse and my parents divorce, I have the ministry that God has given me. I have the understanding and compassion for others that have walked the same walk.

This post reminded me of my girls that we adopted from Ghana. We went to their country. We traveled 12 hours across country (on SCARY roads) to visit their village. We spent 6 weeks showing them their own country. And, I took pictures ... LOTS of pictures. I came home and the very next month I put together a 75 page scrapbook of our time together in Africa. My girls need to remember where they came from. My husband and I needed to know where they came from. We learned so much that we could NEVER have learned through reading books or listening to their stories. No ... we had to go there, to experience it ourselves.

Great post!

Mama D.

Markus Riese said...

Hi Bianca,
it's a pretty cool story. It is always good to know where to come from. It show us who we are and eventually where to go to or what we better do not.
We are a old german family. My cousin went back in time to the year 1570 to found out who we are. But then he stopped, 'cause he found a Riese who was hanged...and he can't find out why, so my story stopped there, who knows for what it was good for.... So, find out where your from...
Greets from germany,
Markus ;-)

millie said...

Love, love your blog today. I am soooooo happy you are spending time with Dad. He's been looking forward to this moment for quite some time.


Shyla said...

OH BIANCA, I was JUST there in San Miguel.
Go have some fresh made churros for me... and visit the hot springs too.

enjoy your trip... your daddy is a lucky lucky man :)

Lydia said...

Multigenerational, legacy, history, passing down...those are all words I love! I am a product of not only race and circumstances, but of a beautiful plan God has for my life. Both the good and bad in the past allows me to be and do so much more! I wish I were able to write well as I've always wanted to record what I know of my family's history as well as my own. I think that's why I love photography so much. What I can't express in words I capture in an image. Someday I'm going to read your dad's book!

Laurel said...

My 91 year old Daddy has hired a woman to come to his home every day. He even helped her buy a laptop, so that she can record his life ... so that he can tell her his life story, and she can put it into a book format.

So exciting.

So valuable.

Can't wait to read it.

Enjoy your time with your Daddy.


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