Friday, March 19, 2010

never say never...

I grew up a poor kid. Not like poor I-don't-have-a-home, but poor like I-wish-I-didn't-have-to-shop-at-thrift-stores. And I-wish-I-didn't-have-to-drink-the-donated-guava-juice-from-church. And I'm-never-going-to-wear-hand-me-downs-anymore. Yeah, that kind of poor.

As a child I vowed I would never be poor again. I would never wear donated clothes. I would never ask for a handout.

Never say never.

I have been invited to go into the slums of Kenya, meet the amazing people from Mavuno church, and physically be the hands and feet of Jesus to live out the commission to love my neighbor as myself. I believe in the organization I'll be traveling with whole-heartedly... but there's this one thing I just can't get over: their STRICT fundraising policy. [see below]

So--I'm starting the Post-it Project. Everywhere I go, people who I touch, you will be able to be part of this journey. I'll be blogging and Tweeting about our adventures and if you want to be part of this adventure, you can! Below are some instructions on how to help send me to Africa.
Go to

Click on the link that says "Give towards a Faith Adventure"
Step 1: Fill in your information.
Step 2: Designate Faith Adventure Donation
Team Member Name: [Bianca Juarez]
Trip Name: [Kenya, June 2010]
Step 3: Fill in your account information.

I appreciate your help, love, and support. If nothing else, I appreciate your prayers!


Krystle said...

Girl, I understand this pride thing! I HATE (H-A-T-E) receiving, especially from people who I know struggle financially.

I had a really great lady tell me that by not accepting someone's gift --even from the poorest of poor -- I am elevating myself and saying "I am better than you because I can afford my own ______"


While I still hate receiving I now accept gifts better (than what I did and working on getting better) because I never want anyone to ever think that I think I'm better than anyone else.

Hope your layover was AWESOME.

MaddiePie Creations said...

It is very hard to ask for help and hard to receive it. We are in a place financially that we have had to accept help from some angels in our life and I cry every time. A little because I can't afford to pay the bills and buy the necessities and a little because I am overwhelmed by the kindness of those in our lives. I can't afford much B but I know that you will accomplish great things and think it is very important to pay it forward.

~All my love

Bianca said...

@Krystle: Layover was BRUTAL. Ugh! But I'm in Philly now and I'm going to sleep. Thanks for sharing the quote on pride!

@MaddiePie: Brooke, you have been such an ardent supporter of everything that goes on here. More than any money could provide, your support and prayers would be just as meaningful. If I'm suppose to go, God will provide. Thank you for your HUGE donation of love. I'm praying for y'all.

carrie said...

i wish you well!

Julia Avina said...

I am striving to become a professional photographer. I found you through your sister.

Both of you have souls from God and I can feel (haven't met you both) the powerful energy you both carry.

Today I support you in your endeavors to go to Kenya. Small, but helpful.

I can't wait to see how it all unfolds as you take your journey.

Julia, Justin and Tristan Avina

Cora said...

Beautiful...I love it!! You are SUCH a conduit of love and light...

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Good girl.

mac said...

Dear Bianca,

I can't give much, but I donate a little...

I hope you can do this trip and you found a lot of Love around the world.

For donation they wanted me to say where I live, but there are only american states (no germany)...I say I live in California...I hope it works... ;-)

Markus :-)

Diandra Ann said...

Can't wait to hear about it! TOTALLY want to do this sometime! I'll be asking you more about it when I see you!

Cindy A. said...

W-O-W! Wowsers, B! *jaw drops*


Sit back and watch Jehovah Jireh do His thang! Wow.

Jason said...

Wow. Doors are blowing open for you, aren't they? :)

Christine Newhook said...

Bianca this is awesome!! I'll help as much as I can :)

Bianca said...

Thank you guys so much!!!!

I struggled writing this because I feel like every other Christian personality begging for money, but this whole process is inviting people to partner with me and already the feedback has been positive.

I appreciate you all more than words...

christy said...

you r so cute in the video..all bashfull and stuff:) I know I don't like to ask for money or help, no matter what it is...but yes as much as i want to say that i am not asking because i don't want to put anybody out (which is true), it ultimately is pride thing...anyway....yay...i am so excited for you on this trip and yes I wanna be a part of it!(even though it might be a small contribution:()

The Montgomerys said...

Awesome! That is so great. You will be in my prayers, and God will provide! Have fun in Philly! We live 1 hour away :) Praying for you Bianca. God Bless <3

Oh and I <3 Thrifts stores...I don't know why :)

jacquelinefigueroa said...

Of course and of course!! In exchange for some kenyan coffee.. of course!!

Tihsllub said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Abraham said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mac said...

@Abraham: when you have the feeling not do donate before answering your questions, let it be. There are two options. You believe or you do not. Ask your heart...sorry B. I wrote that...

Abraham said...

@mac.....what are you talking about?

I'm not sure if I want to give money to someone who only blogs 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday! Why you ask? Because that means she thinks of this blog as a job and all of us are customers!

Which then means everything she says is hypocritical with an agenda. Whats the agenda you ask? The almighty buck!

You just can't trust anyone anymore! What happened to the times of the 30's and 40's when people were honest!

Move on Abraham said...

If you think that about Bianca, then move one. Who are you to try to prove her wrong. What makes you so perfect that you have to shed light upon her. I read the same blogs that you do, and I get something totally different. I get someone who loves God, and is set on teaching others about him. I get someone who is genuine. If you don't, then why don't you read something else, rather than being like a stalker. Read something else!!!!!!!!!!!

juniorj said...


Bianca said...

Thank you guys for your love and support. I know there are some comments are creepy and lame, but it's the same person using different names trying to wrile people up.

Don't address him (Greg) anymore. I won't reply because it's throwing my pearls to the swine (Matthew 7:6).

Best news ever: Greg comes here and reads God's Words. I'm going to hope he comes back :)

Anonymous said...

I am down...go for the crown!

After all, (Sshhh) YOU'RE my favorite. :)


Abraham said...

@ Move on Abraham

Good questions MoA. Let me take these one at a time....

"Who are you to try to prove her wrong" ---------- Actually you have it backwards. I'm not trying to prove her wrong, I'd like her to be right. There would be nothing more awesome than if she was the "real deal". Should she get a free pass, especially when money is made from "the message"?

"What makes you so perfect that you have to shed light upon her" --------- I'm far from it. But I am not the one with a public blog in which I ask people to "buy into" a specific message. I can't believe I'm the only one who questions "the message" here. Are you all sheep? Do you think that every single word that comes out of her mouth is the holy gospel truth? Why not question things? Why not question everything? Why not rip the message apart then put it back together and see if it still holds it's value? It is in questioning things that we find the truths of life, ourselves, the bible, god, the past, the future, everything. Don't shame on me for asking questions, shame on all of you for not!

"I read the same blogs that you do, and I get something totally different" -------- That is what makes life so wonderful, that we are all not identical. We all see something different. We all are unique to ourselves. I don't discard what you see or what you believe in. I do ask questions though and would expect you to also, just as you have of me above. Questions are not a bad thing! It's the answers that can be problematic. I wish more people would ask more questions in life of people. Not in a rude way, of course.

"If you don't, then why don't you read something else" -------- I read many things and follow other blogs as well. She has some pretty good things to say from time to time so I come by and read. When she is off the mark or asking people to act like sheep with blinders on then that is where I usually reply and question "the message". I can see that you think I am questioning the messenger but in truth, it doesn't matter who the messenger is, its the message that I follow.

I will add that when someone doesn't want to answer questions they usually have something to hide. Or they know that the message isn't what it should be. Why doesn't she just answer the questions? Why delete them all the time? When the messenger avoids questions, without answering them, it just leads to more questions. I truly hope that Bianca is the wonderful person and the message that she is wanting her readers to accept into their lives is on the mark in every way. Thank you for your questions!

@ Bianca

Aaaaaaant (buzzer sound). Nice try....wrong. Care to see what's behind door #two ? Bob, tell her what the consolation prize is.....LOL

"Don't address him anymore. I won't reply because it's throwing my pearls to the swine (Matthew 7:6)." --------- I haven't read Matthew 7:6 but will look it up tomorrow to see what Matt has to say. But this is the wrong approach Bianca. As I said above, running from questions only leads to more questions. Why not just answer them and welcome them? Are you afraid you don't have the answers or your blog readers won't like the answers? Does everything have to be scripted?

"Best news ever: he comes here and reads God's Words. I'm going to hope he comes back :)" -------- Ya right and your nose is growing. lol

You will go back to deleting me, and I will keep asking questions until I get bored with your blog and in the end we learn nothing from each other. Such is life. Unfortunately.

Peace and Love

Sare said...

Hi B,
I had the same problem as Mac when they made me nominate a country, hopefully it still worked.
I'm looking forward to your posts when you go. It's always a challenging experience going to third world countries and seeing how others live.
You are an inspriation and an encouragment. Thanks for KIR and being a faithful and open servant!

Dana said...

Of course! Faith without deeds is dead so I'll be praying and donating!! Many many blessings to you!!


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