Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ordinary to extraordinary...

David was a mere shepherd boy until the day he was anointed by Samuel. From the top of his head to the tip of his toes he was covered as a providential sign of his calling. From that pivotal point on, his life was rocked. An ordinary shepherd boy began to do extraordinary things. Oh, you know, like killing beast of the fields and slaying giants. Average stuff for a teenage boy called to greatness.

Deborah was part of the tribe of Israel until she was called to be a judge in the land. To painfully point out the obvious, she was a woman. But this ordinary wife was a leader, foreseer, and motivator to the masses. She lead Israel into a successful battle, when women of this time were non-entities of society. No matter the gender bifurcation or elevation, she did was God called her to do: Be extraordinary.

Peter was a fisherman. No, not like Long John Silver, but like one of the Jersey Shore kids. Leathered skin, horrible accents, unwarranted swagger. Fisherman were over-looked by society, but this ordinary fisherman was chosen to be a extraordinary fisher of man. He walked on water, participated in miracles, and gave one of the best apologetic defenses of the gospel even today.


When God calls us, He equips us. Each of the people mentioned relied upon the work of the Holy Spirit to fill them... to do the extraordinary. And guess what? God is still calling people to do the impossible.
John 14:12, I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these...
The question is simply, are you willing to stop living an ordinary life?

So, what's your extraordinary life? How can we live spirit-lived lives?


Raquel said...

I award you with Proverbs 25:11!

I have been called: Martha (the busy bee! I see a need I get to it), Peter (my foot in mouth disease and often speaking when I should just keep silent), Ruth (the gleaner of His field). The other day I was told that I am a Deborah. Reading this post has encouraged me so much.

The person who shared with me that they saw me as a Deborah also said that I reminded him of Jael... I am still a bit confused about that one. As far as I know, I don't own any tent pegs, lol.

Raquel said...

Can I repost this on my blog?

Diandra Ann said...

you are extraordinary!!! :)

Dana said...

Please pray for me.

Bianca said...

@Raqi (aka Crazy Cuban): Of course you can repost it!!! It'd be my honor. Represent!

@Diandra: Birds of a feather...

@Dana: I already do. F'real. Post-it note and everything!


Jenn said...

Thank you SO much for the this post! I appreciate this need.

I want to live an extraordinary life.

christy said...

LOVE THIS POST...that has been my longing...i have always felt sooooo ordinary, so blahhhhh...but now I know that being extraordinary is based on HIS standards, not the ones of the world....I want to live an extraordinary life!!!

Thanks for the post of encouragement...and pls pray for me too:)

Laurel said...

Preach it, B.!

My ministry website describes me as "an ordinary woman with an extraordinary God".

People always ask me, "How do you do it?"

... "how do you parent a dozen kids?"

... "how do you homeschool all those kids?"

... "how did you run an alternative school full-time while homeschooling your kids?"

... "how do you support so many children on your husband's pastor salary?"

My answer ... "I don't."

I don't do any of it. The Lord does it.

I answer His call for my life, and He gives me ALL that I need to accomplish ALL that He calls me to.

I step out in FAITH, when I hear His call on my life. I don't sit around and worry about "how?" I am going to accomplish it ... because I know that it is HE that is going to accomplish it.

My wild, crazy, fun, unusual life is not about ME being extraordinary. No. Not at all. It's about HIM. It's about answering HIS call. It's about having the FAITH to walk the walk that HE has called me to walk.

Too many people are afraid.

... afraid to answer His call.
... afraid to step out in faith.
... afraid to lose their financial security.
... afraid of what others might think.
... afraid to be "different".

Don't be afraid, people ... God has an AMAZING call for each and every one of you ... if you will put aside your expectations and ask the Lord what HIS will is for your life.

Don't be afraid ... step out in faith ... do what He has called you to do!

Mama D.

Anonymous said...

to springboard off of what laurel said...

if you have to, do it afraid.

sometimes you can't chase the fear away. sometimes the doubts and uncertainty don't leave, no matter how much you pray and believe. and in those times, just do it afraid.

walking in faith doesn't mean you don't fear. it means you choose to believe and act in spite of your fear.

in my own journey, it's also been important that i don't focus on trying to be extraordinary. because then i get caught up in the vicious cycle of performance. i need to remember that it's Christ in me at work, and simply be obedient to Him. and it's all Kingdom business. He makes all my ordinary things extraordinary when i stay surrendered to Him.

Bianca said...

Alece, that was beautiful! "Do it afraid."

I couldn't agree more :)

Kim said...

Beautiful post.
Love & Blessing from Hong Kong,
An ordinary girl who serves and EXTRAORDINARY God

DtothaG said...

Your coming with it B!!! Great blog or as I like to say "Ill" ha.

Man the story of David has been one of my fav's since a kid. His belief and faith in God were strong, just as God had led him to victory in his prior battles (bear & lion), David was sure God would do the same against the great Goliath. His belief and faith that God was with him and involved in this very battle was something Saul lacked at that moment. To me David was ready to claim victory in the Lord or die for the Lord as well.
Hebrews 11:6 is my daughters bible verse of the week and reminds us that through faith and belief we please God and in return He is pleased to reward us.
I know I overuse this verse but it's one of my fav's Zechariah 4:6 - we will not be able to fight battles via our own strength and power but by relying on the Holy Spirit to equip us with the proper tools and weapons to defeat our own Goliaths. Place your faith in the Lord - surrender and leave everything at His feet and you will begin to see the work of the Holy Spirit in you and the Lord's will unroll before you.

Anonymous said...

Bianca! God used me today. Someone came got saved!

This was an inspiring entry and I thank you for it. You retweeted me earlier and I tried to comment back but I couldn't because you don't follow me. I think you have to follow me so that I can direct message you back.

Anyway, today was a blessing. My name is Jon, btw.

Markus Riese said...

You are extraordinary!:-)

I want to live an extraordinary life and I am waiting for my calling my whole life and I hope the Lord hears me anytime... ;-)

I hope you do those things you do your whole looong life, I pray for you.

God bless you Bianca!

Greets from germany,
Markus :-)


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