Monday, December 7, 2009

if i perish, i perish...

Queen Esther had a choice to make. The annihilation of her people hung in the balance in which she could tip. Esther was full of excuses as to why she couldn't do what was being asked of her. Truth be known, they were pretty good excuses (you know, like not being put to death and other minor details). In verse 11 of chapter 4, Esther sandwiches her excuses neatly in between a slight possible hope, but sends it off as reasons why she is not the girl for the job.

But something happened. Something changed. Someone simply asked if perhaps she was brought to this position for a intended purpose.

Like Esther, I have a choice to make. I don't have a wise uncle by the name of Mordecai, but I have a wonderful mentor who I bug all the time. She questioned my faith in a recent email and I've been reading her email over and over everyday:
Esther went from being full of excuses to full of faith. Not full of wisdom or full of confidence, but full of faith. In one question asked of her by a dear mentor and friend, she acted valiantly. The question was simply, What if you come to this position for this exact purpose?

Excuses exists because they are legitimate reasons for not doing something. But does that mean we can't do it? Or does it mean we don't think we can? My mentor asked me why I was so fearful of making a certain decision. Oh Blog Friends, I listed a host of reasons really good reasons and excuses! She didn't combat me or convince me, but reminded me about faith in a Living God.

Are you struggling to make a decision? Have you made a decision you're proud of? In a myriad of choices, how do we choose? Esther made a decision with such brazen courage--let's do the same.


christy said...

I love this post...i do sort of have a decision or something I want to do, but feel like I am not holy enough or don't go to church enough...or don't read my bible enough...i guess like if I needed a resume, I would not qualify at all...sooo I just wait and stand still and say when I feel my relationship is better or when I have gotten involved more, then I can do it. But I do not want to let my life go by and still be standing in the same spot because I was too afraid or felt I wasn't good enough...thanks for sharing...thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Everybody needs a mentor like that... even Joyce Meyer. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love this post when comes to take a decision i am the most doubted person on earth, but like you said it is about time to make that decision that i know it will turn my life around, God Bless you

Diandra Ann said...

I don't know what decision she is speaking of, but I can think of one in particular that is soooo about faith. This definitely applies to our conversation the other night and getting to a point where you simply have to act on faith. Wow. Good one.

PS... Esther is my fav!

PS again... Love you :)

Monica said...

Perfect blog for the perfect morning. When I am not feeling brazen with courage. Thank you for the reminder and your exhortation to the women you serve. I pray we all press forward to the goal!

Tish said...

oh my was this timely! i have been kicking against the goads thinking of all the reasons why NOT to do something before just didn't seem like a "holy" enough thing to pursue, it's not an eternally focused thing...and yet, you reminded me that i don;t have to have it all figured out but to simply obey what God is asking of me. thanks!

Cristina D. said...

This is encouraging. Thanks.
I have a decision I'm trying to make, well, waiting for the Lord to show me what He wants. I feel like maybe I'm not right with God, or "what if" I'm not listening, or "what if" I can't hear Him? But FAITH.... What a grand word. I need to have FAITH that God has it, that God will tell me, that God will make sure I hear, and that no matter the outcome, that God picks what is best for me.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!!!


ps..."just do it" ;)

Dana said...

I adore your mentor for her wise words!! I'd politely like to request to steal her from you!! =)

All jokes aside, great post! I needed this!

Anonymous said...

The past six months have been a season of resting in God's provision...not only that, but also recognizing God's voice...This post (as most!) resonates with me so much...

Disclaimer: I tend to write long responses because I just truly love sharing what God is and has done. (And I do just talk a lot!)I don't ever, ever, ever want to sound preachy or self-righteous...I am just one who has had a hard fall from grace and climbing my way back up by the power of the holy spirit... sharing what I am learning as it relates to your posts...and I really just love loving God! So I really hope you don't mind!!!

My response to this is on my blog. It was just way too long to post here so check it out when you have some time ;) But today, like 10 minutes ago, I made a decision and made a phone call based on seeking the Lord for answers after having much confusion in my mind....God is faithful to provide the direction, even when it seems like the answer is not logical for your circumstance...God has plans far greater and while I don't know what they are, I will wait to see and step out in faith!

- melissa

Amy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed to read this. Today. Especially the part about not being full of wisdom or full of confidence, but full of faith. Thank you.

I have a decision to make that I have been giving every excuse imaginable to not make. This was the reminder / prod I needed.

Renay. said...

ABC Monday

Awesome post!
Beautiful words from your mentor!
Cast your fears before the throne, B!
Ditto, regarding J's response!
Emarassed that I chose to write my response this way!
Fear and faith are enemies!
God lead you and give you peace as you make your decision!
Hebrews 11 is for you today!
I'm glad you're not perfect!
Just so you know, you still inspire me!
Kinda hope that this decision you're talking about is what I think it is!
Love you so much!
Maturing stinks sometimes, I know!
Need some help here, Blog-readers.
Ok, I'm done!
Point made!
Queen Esther’s my hero, by the way!
Renay is a nerd!
S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z!

a lily among thorns said...

Have your people been talking to my people??? LOL
I have an important decision to make. I must confess that I am torn trying to make sense of what is God's will for me. Thanks for the boost of courage and trust in God.


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