Friday, December 18, 2009

pine tree air fresheners on my mind...

There is nothing more vulnerable than being a female and taking your car into the mechanics. But alas, I'm here because my car is making a grinding/wheezing/ching-ching sound and with every minute that passes I'm seeing more and more dollars drain from my savings account as I insist I really don't need a pine tree air freshener.

I'm no mechanic, but does my car really need a new air filter, tire rotation, oil change, air conditioner fluid, and pine tree air freshener to dangle from my mirror? I didn't think so either.

I totally was ready to discuss the death penalty and the moral implications of death since it's Friday and I post vlogs and all, but the only thing I can talk about is the death of my car... and reasons why I don't need a pine tree air freshener to dangle from my rear view mirror.

I'll record the vlog later today. Sorry--I'm a horrible blogger!


Anonymous said...

FIVE.... GOLDEN.... RINGS.....!!!!

I *TOTALLY* wanted you to belt it out in the car dealership.

So disappointed. ;) haha!

Hope you get good news about your car. :)

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

I find that being a smidge flirtatious at the dealership is the only way to 1) get your car work done quickly and 2) get them to only do the work that NEEDS to be done. : )

Anonymous said...

I have a 2003 GMC and at this moment, I need an oil change, an air filter, and my fluids changed(I bought four tires last month). Hey, I'm with you.

Lorledez said...

This is why you make a ton of guy friends and cook them some food instead of pay with!

& Preferably guys who are mechanics then you can be like "hey! You need some practice? Heres my car, I don't know what's going on with it. Im going to go inside and make you some burritos & ice tea!" lol.

Jewelielyn said...

i think you are a great blogger. there you are, in the midst of a crisis, and you take time out to APOLOGIZE to your loyal blog readers for not posting your friday vlog? always thinking of others . . . :)

Anonymous said...


Love You Girl,

Annie said...

Okay. Seriously? I want my Christmas card. HAHAHAAA! But I'll take a rendition of "Oh Christmas Tree" in its place. No worries!

Bianca said...

So--my car isn't dead. The audible crying noises it made this morning will cost more than I wanted to. This just affirms that I'm giving away hugs for Christmas this year.

@Michelle: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!! I sang just for you.
@Blah,blah JJ: I don't think I flirt well. I become incredibly awkward and look like I have a twitch. It's not cute. At all. Plus, this guy was married and I would feel scandalous!
@Anonymous: You feel me.
@Jewelielyn: I just adore you! You're like a second mom. When I read Diandra's post about you, I feel so proud!
@Lorledez: I don't have a lot of guy friends who are good with cars. They are good at dressing well, but since they spend so much on clothing, they'll never get it dirty ;) Hahahaha!
@Cyn: Yeah right! I haven't sang out loud since Rick made us do those plays in youth group?!

Thanks for the love and support.

Bianca said...

@annie: send your address :)

Dana said...

I'm glad you were able to get your car fixed!! ;-) You now owe us a song for getting our hopes up! LOL

Anonymous said...

@annie. If you get a card from Bianca then I expect you to photocopy it, scratch out your name and address it to me. ;)

Merry Christmas Bianca. Here's your (((((((((BIG HUG)))))))))

christy said...

i totally feel u too...we just had to spend about 800.00 on a truck that is probably not worth 800.00....but all i can say is thank you Jesus that I had the money to fix it...although I might be giving hugs out too:)

KS*Rebecca said...

No fair, you need to sing a song! Hmm how about Feliz Navidad.... :) Im serious!

melissa said...

Oh Bianca! That was the cutest...bloggin' at the dealership. Seriously. Hard. Core. I love it! I admit if that was me...I would have had a cell phone to my ear as I talked to the laptop cam so it looked like I was talking to someone! Haha! Goodness! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Just Saying..... said...


Can you please tell me where in the bible I can find......

"Whatever....It is what it is!"?

I wonder if god ever gets to say this? Perhaps he does and that is why the world is so messed up!

An interview with god:

Hunger God..."Whatever, it is what it is"

Crime God..."Whatever, it is whet it is"

War God..."Whatever, it is what it is"

Poverty God..."Whatever, it is what it is"

God why won't you help..."Whatever dude, it is what it is"

God a family member is sick..."Whatever, it is what it is, if they die, they die"

God thank you for this wonderful day..."Whatever, it is what it is, I don't care, had nothing to do with it"

God we pray for your guidance..."Whatever you putz's, get a life, it is what it is, leave me alone"

Bianca's car God..."Whatever, she doesn't know how to drive, it is what it is"

Oh, I don't know, I'm feeling kinda cheated. I do believe we were all just told to stick it. Ha! LOL! I think a Christmas card to each of us is in order with an apology, and $20 each to help us forgive and forget! :)!

Anonymous said...
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Kayla said...

You're gorgeous. Soooo not fair ;)


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