Monday, February 22, 2010

the buried life...

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has desires. So why it is so hard to vocalize dreams and desires?

Perhaps it's fear. Perhaps it's failure. Perhaps it's fear of failure.

Or perhaps we don't even know what we want.

Last night my little sister called me and informed me she wanted to watch a documentary. (If you know my little sister, you'll know that it's nothing short of a miracle she wants to so anything educational.) I immediately jumped at the opportunity and laughed when I found out it was on MTV. Of course Zoe would watch a documentary MTV. Of course.

In the course of 30 minutes, I decided maybe MTV wasn't that bad after all.

The documentary series, The Buried Life, was so inspirational that I decided I’m going to create my own list. Yes, yes, I made new year’s resolutions, but I’m talking about things I must do before I pass into the pearly gates. Some will be silly, but all of them will be dreams I’ve never spoken of.

Here’s the premise of the series: when something is scratched off the buried list, someone else is granted or assisted in making their own dream come true. It’s moving. It’s real. It’s biblical.

So--what’s on your list? If I can help you achieve one of your goals when I achieve one of my goals, we’ll both be better because of it. Like James says, you have not because you ask not. What’s one thing off of your list?


Steph said...

I'm only allowed to give ONE?! This will be hard... :)

Learn to speak Spanish fluently.

Krystle said...

On facebook I gave the one where I wanted to own a kayak.

I only gave that one as an example because it's probably the only one that you could possibly help me with. When I make goals I generally make them something that I can do without the help of other people. I have issues with receiving (a whole other issue) and I never really thought about my "Bucket List" in this way but I don't seem to involve other people in it...haha..Anyone want to psycho-analyze that?

Krystle said...

And..after seeing your twitter post on it..I'm not sure this was a serious post...haha...whoops!

Annie said...

wait. where's YOUR list? ;0)

Cirene said...

Run a Marathon =)

Diandra Ann said...

I'm not giving one... because I dont like rules :) Here's my blog:

you're awesome. you gonna share your list? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Improve my english and finishes my BS on Business

Matthew T. said...

New Years resolutions are made at the beginning of each year, yet many people don't stick to it. Probably the same issue with the things people give up for Lent, it just doesn't work. We sure have goals, the reason people are probably afraid to say them is because they might be afraid of those who would doubt them or who say nothing that supports it. I think when people work hard towards them, then their dreams can be realized!

Dana said...

One thing on my list - drive the coast of Cali and just admire God's beautiful creation!

Stephanie Castillo said...

Great post B! I have never watched this show, but will definitely have to check it out- I am ALL for inspiration :)

Hmm... I'm trying to think of something non materialistic.. how about gain complete confidence/self-esteem in myself as a person and in my business.

God Bless!!

Markus from Germany said...

I only want to find me, myself and I, that's all...

Aimee Grover said...

I want to meet you :)

Anonymous said...

I watched it from day 1 .... love it...... love how the boys give back..... for once MTV got it right

Anonymous said...

Zoe brown omg did know that was u in the picture with B ....had to take a double look crazy girl.....

Marcus "Murph" Murphy said...

I want to inspire youth in BIG way. Not just see change but facilitate it. I hope there is something that I can do to help you too. :)



-->Shinjitsu<-- said...

ZOE! I love her :)

I have a "Bucket List" and one of the things on it is to learn to play the violin WELL :)

Love the blog B!

Markus from Germany said...

But, there a many other things I wanna do. One thing is to come to America once and eventually meet you... :-)

Angel Pope said...

I have mentioned it many times on my blogsite and Facebook, but right now my one goal is to be able to attend a workshop with your sister.

Because I want to be that good. Because I want to become so good that I can help our family live the life we want to live rather than the life we dream of living.

After that, I have many more goals. Not sure if I can make it happen this year, but I'm trying like anything to make it real. And once I do, I'm gonna take my dream-to-reality and help every budding photographer in any way I can.


Thanks for the post. I love the way you write. It always sparks emotions within me.

Bianca said...

@Steph: I might be able to do something about that! I'm thinking about buying Rosetta Stone. If I do, I'll give you my set.
@Krystle: A kayak?! Wow. This was cool. Odd but cool.
@Annie: I'll post that later... or maybe as things get done. But right now I want to write these down!
@Cirene: That's awesome!!!
@Diandra: I LOVE that list! You're slowly knocking them down one by one. SO cool.
@Anonymous: I'm praying for you!!!
@Matthew: I'm keeping to my resolutions :D
@Dana: That's TOTALLY doable. Where do you live?
@Stephanie: Girl, as small as that sounds, it's HUGE. I'm praying for you.
@Anonymous: I haven't watched all the shows. But I want to. If there's anything bad, I'll feel SO embarassed :/
@Murph: This is SO doable. Do you have a demo video?
@Shin: I WILL tell Zobo you said hello! Violin, huh?
@Markus: I just sent you an email that will connect you with Joey Roper from Dusseldorf :)
@Angel: Thanks so much! Keep shooting, keep shooting, keep shooting. Jas is amazing because she worked hard and committed her ways to the Lord.

**Note: Reading the comments has moved me to write these out and pray for each one of you! I'm so excited to see what comes of this!!!! I KNOW we are going to get this done.

JV said...

Open my own restaurant! I'm NOT a chef but have a passion to see and encourage quality family time over a good meal and conversation.

Cristina Alyssa said...

To have self esteem and move forward with life in photography to document people's lives, emotions, and spiritual needs.

I first need to trust God with finances and Him taking care of convincing people. = )

Woops, I guess that's two, but ah well.

I wanna see your list!

Katy G said...

I've caught the show a few times and the episodes I've watched have been great...some silly, but the part I love the most is when they help others cross something off their list.
Someday I'd love to travel the country and photograph people who have lost their family photos from home fires, hurricanes, tornadoes. My personal photos are so important to me and I don't know what I would do if I lost them due to a tragedy like that. Want to see the country while I'm at it :)

Justine Ray said...

ok.... ok. honestly? I have been reading your blog from day one. You began writing here a few months after I surrended my life fully to God and it was such an inspiration to see you write, and it still is (you were the reason I started my own blog). I hope to some day have the opportunities you have had to pour into your womens lives. That being said, one thing on my list (which I guess I could say was added to my list the day you started your blog) is meeting you, learning from you, watching you present the Word of God. Honestly. It would totally make my year:) You rock and I'm so encouraged to see how God uses you. Much love

Raquel said...

One thing that I am knocking out of my list is eating healthier... the Lord has called me to eat Kosher. It's not easy!

Dana said...

Ahh you're too sweet! ;-) I live in Atlanta! I'd totally fly out there for a little adventure though!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca.

Does Rosetta Stone really work? I also want to learn spanish and was thinking about purchasing it, but am tired of buying things that are advertized as being the best, and are not good quality.

I'm not writing because I want you to help me out, just truly want to know if it's worth the purchase. Is it user friendly- does it really teach you how to speak spanish?

Thank you.

ruthie said...

Funny enough, my little sister also told me to watch this show and she "disclaimered" it by saying, "I know it's on MTV, but it's so good." She was right. Love the help other premise.

I have too much of a list to name here, but I would really love to have my parents retire. Sooner than later.

And for @Anonymous I cannot vouch for Rosetta Stone, but check out It's a pretty good website for helping with the learning of languages.

Lindsay said...

I've never seen the show but it sounds like great viewing.

I'd love to be able to help women of all ages connect with their creator and build a stronger relationship with Him. And I hope to be a good mum to my baby when it arrives!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ruthie! I will check out the site. I appreciate your input.

Bianca said...

@Anonymous: Sorry for the late response!!! I've never used Rosetta Stone, but I heard it's awesome :) If I can afford it, i'll let you know.


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