Tuesday, February 23, 2010

paulie, rocky, and fighting the fight...

We are created for purpose. Intrinsically we all have desires of accomplishing something far beyond our natural capacity. It boils down to a simple fact: We all want to do something significant.

In order to do something seemingly impossible, we need to possess a passion which will push us each day.

My passion comes in the form of Paulie from Rocky who sits on my shoulder like Jiminy Cricket. Com' on! You got this. Hang in 'ther! And I, like Rocky, sometimes feel like, Yo' Paulie, I want to do 'dis, but I'm gettin' hit on both sides by the Russian.

But we have a fight to fight and we can't be quitters! We must accomplish what God has called us to do. In loneliness of singlehood, in trials of marriage, in despair of sickness, in hopeless poverty, we stand and fight. Why? Because we aren't quitters. God has put passionate desires in our hearts for a reason. If your passions are in alignment with God's will for you life, is there anything too big for Him to handle?

Come hell or high water, loss of home or loved one, failure in job or ill-gained success, we can't stop from guilt or regret, fear or failure. When your face is on the ring floor, you're beaten up and bruised, and you feel like you want to quit, remember that Paulie is in your corner shouting, Com' on! You got this. Hang in 'ther!

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT (1 Timothy 6:12) What's your fight? What are your dreams? Who is your Paulie?


Diandra Ann said...

you are always so encouraging :)

Ang said...

I just cant give up now, come to far from where I started from, nobody told me the road would be easy and I don't believe He brought me this far to leave me!!

Kristin Collins Rasmussen said...

Great post!! My problem is, I just don't know what I'm passionate about and what I'm supposed to be doing... I have felt purpose in the past, but not so much now. How do you discover your passion!?! You seem like a great lady!

Laurel said...

When I was in 4th or 5th grade (before I knew the Lord) He put it on my heart to have LOTS of kids. Seriously. I came from a very disfunctional, abusive home. But, every time I would read a magazine article or newspaper article about an extra-large family, I would think, "That's what I want. I want to have a LOT of kids to love."

When I got engaged (on my 3rd date at age 19) the dear young man that God put into my life also wanted to have a large family. (He, too, from an abusive home.)

By this time, we both had come to the Lord through the ministry of Young Life, and we KNEW that the LORD was calling us to be the start of a Godly heritage.

At age 21 ... I found out I had a 2% chance to ever get pregnant. But ... we fought the fight with the knowledge that God doesn't care about percentages."

After 6 kids ... I fought the fight of cancer (and God healed me).

After 7 kids ... I went into the hospital for a hysterectomy after battling endometriosis for 12 years ... only to find out that the Lord had fought the fight for me, and had healed me. (Guess we are to have more babies.)

It hasn't been an easy road. Parenting isn't easy. Parenting more than a dozen kids is REALLY not easy. Parenting 6 teens at once isn't easy. Parenting 3 children from Africa isn't easy. But ... I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm pushing on and fighting the good fight that the Lord has called me to.

mama of 13

{Jennifer.Rose} said...

Amen, Fight the Good Fight!! Love that.

My hubby is def my Paulie. But our roles do change all the time and sometimes the Paulie in me springs out to help him and encourage.

Christianity by far has been the toughest fight ever. Ever.Ever.

But the Lord has been my strength and He knew the best Paulie to bless me with. I am so thankful he's never thrown in the towel and left me in the ring alone!

Dana said...

My fight is the fight of FAITH. To trust that God is leading me down this narrow path that I am currently on.

My dream is for my business to take off and soar - be successful. I honestly don't want or need to have the success that others have had in the industry that I am in, only to reach my own potential - where God wants me to be.

My Paulie is none other than the Lord himself! ;-) He speaks to me through Joshua 1:7 "Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey ..." I decided on February 5, 2010 to step out on faith and although the road may get tough along the way, I know that I am strong, courageous, and will obey the word of the Lord. He lives within me and that alone is enough success to last forever. ;-)

Bianca said...

@Diandra: Back at you, kid! (Said like Paulie)

@Ang: PREACH it! God won't take us up a mountain and leave us there. The best way to get THROUGH a situation is to keep walking. Not stand still.

@Kristin: Do what you love. Sound cheesy? Kinda. But I had all these dreams of doing a million things, but I kept going back to what I loved: God and people. I was pursuing art because I thought that's what God wanted for me. No. I pursued finances because I could give away money. No. I pursued curating. No. I pursued education. No. But I found peace and happiness with smelly teens and God's people. Do what you love--God does the rest. Or changes your heart. It's a win/win.

@Mama of 13: You are my INSPIRATION. No, not because I want 13 kids, but because your faith is strong and your values are stronger. I have so much love for you and the entire D family!!!

@Jennifer: There was something about that last sentence that choked me up. Yes, God won't throw in the towel and leave us alone. Go give your Paulie and HUGE passionate kiss! xoxo

@Dana: Is it weird that I think we'd be great friends and we've never met? If it is, slap me. But if it isn't, one day we'll take a road trip up the coast of CA together that praise God for answering our dreams :)

Steph said...

Holiness in singleness... amen and amen.

I have so many Paulies (I'm BLESSED). And this post made me realize that even though I get so frustrated with my parents (can anyone say 'GIRL, your flesh needs to DIE!'?) They are supporters because they challenge me (oh so much ;)) to pursue holiness and purity with reckless abandon. A true Paulie pushes you even when it hurts, because they want the best for you. Dang it. Now I have to humbly live this out. :)

Jason said...

As a Pennsylvania boy who grew up loving all things Philadelphia, you just became instantly cooler in my eyes. Considering you were pretty cool before now it's quite the accomplishment. :)

Bianca said...

@Steph: "A true Paulie pushes you even when it hurts, because they want the best for you." WORD!!! You are very lucky to have a posse of Paulies :D

@Jason: Dude?!?! I'm going to speak at a conference in Philly next month and I'm ALREADY dreaming of all things Rocky!!! I can't WAIT. I'll take pics and post them on the InTheNameofLove facebook page. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'll be the tacky tourist screaming, Yo' Adriennnnnnne!

Markus Riese said...

Sometimes I fight against the demons in my life and although everything seems good; since I can remember, I have the feeling that life is exhausting all the time and that's my fight...I hope I find a Paulie soon, who kick me in my ass... ;-)

christy said...

fight the fight...yes...although it's hard...my family is going thru some stuff right now that is so bunk and it sucks so bad...my husband is having a hard time..which hurts me....so many battles...over the years there have been sooo many battles...but I know God is with us and is faithful....it's just sometimes for a second, there is that whole,"i am sooo tired" moment, but then that verse sticks in my head... 28"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." and then it's like a second or gazillionth wind....thanks for the enocuragement I totally needed it! (sorry to be the rainy cloud of the commenters today)

Gabby Z said...


I really admire your blog and your honesty. My fight right now is my 12 year old son who is going through body changes, major attitude and all that comes with becoming a teenager. My Paulie is my beautiful Mother who recently went to heaven in August 2009 after being diagnosed with liver cancer in May 2009. There are days when I do NOT want to continue and "throw in the towel" but I can hear her say "Get up, you are not a quitter" I know GOD is my strenght even when I dont feel like he is with me. My Mom taught us to be survivors (I have two sisters) and that is something that I will carry with me forever.
Bianca, I thank GOD for people like you. I am looking forward to seeing you at the women's retreat this weekend!

Jasmine said...

PREACH! And preach some more...

DToTheG said...

Bianca - you are toooooooo cool....ROCKY!!!?? My fav movies as a kid. You have now gone beyond cool with this one. For me it's like a mix between Paulie and Mickey (with censor beeps) getting on my case when I plateu or get comfortable and think I can coast through a squabble. That's when I need to recall that my battles can be won when I lean on the Holy Spirit and not my own might or understanding. Like Rocky, he got a shot at the title and going alone at it with his own skills he would have never had a chance but Mickey stepped in and shaped him into a great boxer who could win.
We get a shot at serving an awesome God who can do great things with our lives to bring glory to Him, alone we can do nothing but if we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us and shape us we can knock out the biggest and hardest opponent before us.
I love serving in ministry and sometimes I can be tired or even short of patience, those are the times I hear Paulie and Mickey encouraging me forward.

I so am savoring a PB & Jealous sammich about you in Philly lol. Have fun and I want to hear a report about your historic Rocky visits.

Katy G said...

My fight is my laziness, my lukewarmedness(ok that's not really a word but you get my drift), and my lack of passion for my walk w/ God. It's a struggle and so easy to justify other things that get in the way..the kids, my husband, my photography, but I know nothing should come before my relationship with HIM. I need a louder Paulie I guess :)

Anonymous said...

this is so crazy, I was just thinking about this yesterday!

I realize I am doing what I always wanted - to be a mom and raise a family. (super fullfilling, super unglamorous!!)
I have my passions (exercise and training people) which I LOVE! And have a little Personal Training business :) (super fun/gratifying, but hard momentarily with an infant)
So my husband would totally be my Paulie... as tough as things were around here for a while, he is my biggest encourager and best friend. Truly a testament to God's grace in our lives...

As always, thanks for the post :)

Bianca said...

@Markus: Arsch kicking? I'm going to keep beating you up until you go to church ;) Hahahahaha!

@Christy: You are not the rain cloud. You're honest! That's what we need: honesty. This is a season. This too shall pass.

@Gabby: OH MY! You're going to the retreat?! Ahhhh, I can't wait to meet you!!!! Thanks for letting me know :) I love your story. Keep fighting!

@Jahbee: I mish juw!

@DtotheG: Why you gotta hate? Don't hate because I eat peanut butter and jealous sandwiches without you! ;) LOVE your Pualie. Great comparison.

@Katy: Paulie is speaking. Are you taking the time to listen? Are you in the Word? Are you fellowshipping? Are you worshipping? Sometimes we just need to tune out everything else to hear what is important :) I speak from experience!

@Amy: Ooooooh, Amy! I think of you often. There is a post-it note with your name on it and it reminds me to pray for you. xoxo. Keep living your dream out loud!

Markus Riese said...

Ok B., you won, you are my Paulie...;-)

Dana said...

Haha!! I totally feel the same way! :) We'll definitely be taking that fantastic road trip! ;-)

Katy G said...

I'm trying to listen...but I know I often tune him out. I'm in my dad's church and sometimes feel like I just want to get out. I love my dad but I get so frustrated at times and don't even feel like going. I know it's because I'm not in the Word, and when I'm at church I don't truly worship with my whole heart. Please keep me in prayer as I struggle w/ this...I know it will get better, I just need to believe it w/ my heart..not just my head.

Anonymous said...

My "Paulie" comes from a variety of things & people (i.e. the HS through Dre and even my Mary, the WORD, friends, etc) at various seasons in my life.

Very encouraging post BB!! :)


Sare said...

My "Paulie" is my Mum & Dad. They are so supportive of me and my crazy dreams and plans. They put up with my constant desire to travel and my endless questions about everything. They encourage me when i struggle with faithfullness and challenge me when i'm being selfish and a complete brat.
But you are also one of my Paulies! You challenge me everyday to change my thinking from being part of this world to being a child of God and putting my focus on him. So thanks Paulie!!


Kimbo said...

I love this post!! definitely encouraging right now. ;]

Frannie said...

I'm crying. I needed to read this. Definitely struck a cord. Thank you Bianca, I love you friend, moreso, I love JESUS in you. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

nicely put Bi!! I am excited for how the Lord will use u for the Womens Retreat!! You always come up with something good and enlightening!! :)

Amy said...

Bianca, today of all days I needed to hear this. You said exactly what I needed. I won't give up. I will fight the good fight. Thank you.

Lain said...

My Paulie is mostly the voice of Papa (m favorite name for God) when we talk. Paulie is also the people, conversations, passing words of a stranger, and situations Papa puts in my life everyday to encourage me, to settle my fears, and subdue my doubts.

A few years ago when I first picked up a camera, Papa began speaking to me and telling me about where my photographic life was going to take me. In someway I will be working in the fashion industry doing print work. Papa said He would love to restore the image of beauty to American women. He wants to show them what beauty is and it’s not what we are seeing in the majority of magazines now.

This is vastly larger than me. I have no idea where it will take me, when it will happen, or what it will look like but I am excited for the possibilities! And at the same time, its something that is so big I wonder if I am going crazy. My fight is to believe what Papa says no matter how ridiculous I think it is or how ridiculous I IMAGINE other people think it sounds.

Cassie said...

i love this.

last summer i wrote a post called ifight.

you summarized it here, and re-fueled my passion to be a fighter.


thanks once again B. Your a rockstar and i am so blessed to have you "in my life"!

also... you are totally invited anytime to come hang out with my family...my Rockstar will be here next week... wanna come?


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