Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sally field, 184, and gratitude for the journey...

I won't bust out a Sally Field, You like me, you really, really like! But nine months and 184 posts later warrant gratitude and appreciation for the journey blog readers have gone on with me.

Without those who stop here and encourage me, I am nothing. I'm a voice speaking to no one, I'm a message unheard, I'm a hypocrite behind a facade. So, thank you.

At the beginning of the year, I was approached by Outreach, an amazing organization meeting the needs of those in Christian ministry. Outreach is company who has woven ministry into their philosophy. At all costs, I want ministry to trump business. But in doing so, I've been taken advantage of on many occasions. Many occasions.

Chad Cannon and the folks at Outreach have extended a hand of friendship to represent me on a national level. I'm humbled and honored to be part of their team for the next year and beyond! Now that everything is official, I wanted to share the news.

Also, the lovely ladies at (in)courage have so graciously invited me to be part of writing team. Monthly I'll be posting on their site and connecting with them to (in)courage people across the nation and beyond. Tomorrow is my first official post with them [read: I'm nervous]. It would be lovely if you stopped by to check out the site. One day I'll write a very interesting blog about my first post with (in)courage, but for now, I'll laugh to myself and hope Lisa the office secretary from church keeps our secret safe!

Arigato, gracias, merci, salamat, grazie, danke, toda, THANK YOU! Internet, because of you, I'm a grateful girl who feels perforated, pock-marked, broken, yet accepted by those who are willing to continue walking. Limping, jacked up, tore-up-from-the-floor-up, and all. I love you.



Jason said...

Congratulations on all those blessings! :)

Jenn said...


Hahaha! I read that on your facebook page and laughed. Thank you for being a friend to me. Which is weird because you're far. But I love reading what God is doing in your life.


melissa said...

Oh Bianca! I am so happy for you! I really, really, really am. ;)

You are a blessing and God has given you such an amazing gift to be used for His kingdom. I'm giving you a big hug and shedding a few tears because I am overwhelmed with joy for you.

We serve an amazing God who is mighty and whose plans for us have no limit!

Much love,

Cindy A. said...

Thank you for every post, every smile, every exposé, every prayer, every conviction and for always pointing your readers back to Jesus.

I love you! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! you must be so proud of yourself!! Go Bianca!!

christy said...

congats girlfriend!! I love your blog and am grateful that I can always count on you KIR (can u tell I'm a regular) and always encouraging us to keep in the race, to love one another, and most of all love Jesus!

You're awesome!

Faith, Food and Fitness For Real said...

AWESOME! your humbleness and honesty is great. Your faithfulness in the small (free blog spots) has warranted you more. Your blogs inspire us to do more, be more and I thank you for that! Although I haven't been a blog reader for very long, I feel like I know your heart and it beats like Jesus!

Lifting you up in Prayer

Bianca said...

Thank you all for your love :)

I'm so grateful!

DToThaG said...

That's awesome news Bianca! Congratulations and may God continue to open doors for your words to be read and voice to be heard.

Now get your Harlem Shake on!
Much love for ya sis.

Kimbo said...

aww B! look at you! SO proud of you! I am so excited for you!! love you :D

Lydia said...

I don't get to comment often, but I read every post and have been encouraged and spurred on in my faith ever since you started blogging. Thank you, Bianca.

Diandra Ann said...

Yay! I'm glad it's official! (although I already thought it was... hope it wasn't a secret... I was bragging on you to everyone who would listen! ha!).

And nine months of blogging is a whole child, Bi! That's a lot of blogging! :) Congrats!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I've been blessed!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! You go girl! I truly enjoy your blog. Continue doing your thang, and encouraging us all. I'll continue to follow you and glean from your wisdom. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you bi for taking the time to express your feelings while teaching us blog readers lessons on life and how to be more Christlike. Love u!! :)

The Montgomerys said...

That's awesome, congrats to you. Your blog has been so encouraging to me. I love it so much :) I will for sure read.


Stephanie said...

I've been lurking on your blog for a little while now. I love it! I just stopped by the (in)courage blog and read your post there as well. Could not have been more fitting for this season of life I am in. Thanks!

Graceful said...

Hi Bianca,
I just "met" you over at (in) courage -- loved your post there today! Congratulations!

Lindsay said...

That's great news Bianca!
I love reading all your posts and the constant encouragement and challenge they are to me! Looking forward to seeing God do more great things in and through you x

Becca said...

Oh my word! Good for you :-) congrats and good luck!! I loved your new post at inCourage

Katee Grace said...

Wahoo!!!! That's awesome!! Pray He blesses you temporally and eternally through this adventure!!
| xoxo | katee grace |

Anonymous said...

I so happy, proud and blessed to have you in my life. I will continue to lift you up in prayer.

Love you much!


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