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Retreats are as old as Christianity. From Jesus leaving into the desert to the early church fathers who removed themselves for a few days of prayer and penance, retreats have been part of Christian history.

Whether your church calls them a retreat, advance, recoup, getaway, or holiday, the premise should be the same: Creating moments away from everyday life to learn, see, and feel the presence of God.*

I've had the luxury of speaking at a number of retreats and I always LOVE meeting new people and connecting on a spiritual level. But I ain't gonna lie... I have a favorite. Yes, I am partial. But here's the good news: you can come!

If you're looking for a good women's retreat to attend, join up with my church as we head into Murrieta, California for a time in the desert [don't worry, we won't sleep in tents] to learn, listen, and love. Sandy McIntosh from Horizon Christian Fellowship, my pastor's wife, and myself will be speaking and teaching and you're invited! [It's fine! I already asked if you could come.]

For more information, click here or call the church office at (323) 724-8464 for more information. (Date: February 26-28 Cost: $165 Location: Murrieta Conference Center)

*An added benefit is to be surrounded by other woman who are there for the same reason... without husbands, minus children, sans textbooks and midterms! Holla'. And there's medicinal hot springs on site to soak in until you turn into a raisin.


Jenn said...

Oh no!!!! I would LOVE to attend but I live in Texas. PLEASE visit us in the Lone Star State :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!! Will be praying for all the speakers.

Bianca said...

@Jenn: One day I'll be in Texas you HAVE to come! You've been a long-time blog reader :)

@Anonymous: CAN I GET A WITNESS?! Who is this? Have you been to our retreat before? If so, vouch and let the blogosphere know how much fun it is :)

I know women from my church stop here, so can I get a winess? :)

Jenny said...

I wasn't going to go to the CCM retreat because I didn't know anyone and I was new to the church. Once I got there, it was like everyone was expecting me. They smiled and said hello and my roommates were HILARIOUS. We stayed up until 3am laughing and talking the first night. The second night we had a chance to pray for eachother and share our requests.

I learned so much from all the workshops and teachers! The time of worship on Saturday night was amazing and I've never heard so many people sing so loudly and beautifully.

You should go!

Anonymous said...

I went to CCM retreat once, but I had a very bad experience my roommates where running to the room to get the best bed, because none of them wanted to sleep on the backstop. I didn’t know what to do, I thought I was about to have the time of live and peace but I ended up being so sad and frustrated to see those ladies behaving like bunch of teenagers. I was pretending to be asleep and they started to comment stuff about me, which was very sad because one of the ladies was a family member, so I got scared to try it again. I don’t mean desincourage anybody but that was my experience.

Cindy A. said...

If you haven't been to a women's retreat, now is the time! Hahaha, that's also the theme... I attended CCM for 4 years and pretty much didn't know anyone there. The person I was attending church with was no longer going to CCM with me, so I took a leap and went to the retreat by myself. I even signed up for the carpool so that I would have a handful of acquaintances by the time I arrive. Ladies, the Lord will blow your mind! Let me just say that I have more than 20 sisters that I still keep in touch with and that after that retreat my walk with the Lord has snowballed and I finally serve and attend several different ministries within the church.

You can't use "I don't know anyone" as an excuse because you know Bianca, you know the fellow bloggers, and you can always sit with me! :)

Faith, Food and Fitness For Real said...

I attend my retreat at my church every year. I am always blessed on how the Lord speaks. A year ago I was on the CC Montebello website and I am not sure how I got there but I ended up looking at the retreat pictures from a previous year.

There was just something different on the faces of these ladies. You can def see that these ladies were spirit filled and led. I remember telling my husband there was just something different about this group and I couldn't explain it.

By faith not knowing anyone other than one lady from montebello I began praying. A year later the Lord blessed me with the desire of my heart. I will be attending this retreat next month. The Lord put it on my husbands heart to send me. I am so excited and cant wait.

Oh and a month ago I met a lady that attends montebello and we have become good friends and I will be going with her. Isn't the Lord awesome. I am in tears right now thinking how great that he not only gives us our desires but even more than we asked for.

Preparing my heart to hear,

Nancy Gutierrez said...

Retreat, for me is to be refreshed & rejuvenated in all areas of my life. I always learn so much from the speakers...b/c their so real & transparent. A wknd to be at our Father's feet... no distractions from anyone or anything. The peace one has, as you walk dwn by the lake side. The fellowship with other women-that is on going through out the wknd. The new friends you will meet:)
By Sunday, I don't want to leave!LOL.
I'm going with an expectant & open heart, ready to receive HIS will.

Maricela Torres said...

Well personally I love to go becasue I have this high expectancy to hear from God and to have this intimate experience. This will be my 3rd time going to retreats at CCM and I love to bond with the women and encourage them and just be real about our lifes experiences. When I am there, it feels so peaceful and so like home. I pray that woman would go check it out for themselves and not just read or hear about others experiences, but experience God for themselves and be transform forever. God Bless you all!

Jordana Sanchez said...

I've never been to a retreat but when I read your post I just felt drawn to it. I would love to experience time away from it all to grow in my faith. I'm thinking how fun it would be to be around women who love the Lord as much as I do. I am praying about going and if God provides a way, then I will be there too.

melissa said...

did you just say your pastor's wife? haha! you are funny. ;)

oh...i would love to go...love, love, love it. i don't think anything quite compares to being on the spiritual journey with the Lord in just a few days of intimate, genuine, heartfelt fellowship with daughters of the King!

His Jewel said...

Wow, I would LOVE to go! I have to find a babysitter for my dog. Because I will never kennel him I haven't been to a retreat since 2007. =( I've only ever been with CCCH and CCD, but I have heard many awesome things about CCM retreats! I'm hoping the Lord will make a way. How I pray I can go!

Melinda said...

It seems all the women's retreats are smack dab in the middle of tax season this year!! :o(

I may try to sneak in for a session or two, but I'm chained to my desk for the next two and a half months...

Renay said...

I've been to both ours (CC Montebello) and another church's. I guess I'm partial also but I love ours the best! I'm so blessed to be able to go this year! It really is the greatest way to get some much needed rest, relaxation, and definitely refreshment (spiritual that is!).
Please note, first timers, the Enemy does not want you there! You will hear from God, you will be blessed by the fellowship, and you will grow in His ways. The Enemy doesn't want that, therefore be prepared for heavy traffic that day, an arguement with your husband, boyfriend, parents, etc. before you leave, and less than perfect roommates!
And for all who are going already, pray now! And watch the Lord bless our socks off! ;)

Lanette Delgado said...

Bianca, this will b our first time going to CCM retreat.(My mom & sis going too). We have been attending ccm about 6 yrs now. We're slow what can I say...lol. I serve at the Womens info center and have been ever so excited to go this year. "Its time" is perfect theme. Have heard nothing but positive feedback. The women are ready and so am I to be enlightened by Gods word. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

The Best I can say to the "Anonymous" reader who had the bad experience is I am sorry, but you were not in my room. IF YOU WANT TO GO AGAIN..And I encourage you to do so....THERE IS ONE SPACE LEFT IN MY ROOM N YOU COULD ROOM WITH ME!!!!!! (Disclaimer...You may not get much sleep, but you will have a blast! I promise you that) 2nd disclaimer, I get the bed by the window, sorry I cant climb)
I am going and will not miss it for anything. I love going to the retreat. When I go, I can be with a very important person and not get disturbed by the phone, Husband (I love him dearly though!), Teenagers, etc etc etc. I can be alone with God. Its my chance to escape day to day stuff and just be one with Him, Jesus. If I want to read all day, I can. If I want to pray all day, I can,
If I want to turn in to a raisin and soak my night away in the mineral springs...I CAN! wooohooo! All the while, Im getting Closer and closer to my Jesus. Relaxin n a Chillin.

And..I get the word, I get to hear it from women who I admire and who inspire me...

So, pay your rsvp, take Friday off as Vacation time, go get a hair cut, massage, nails, pedicure, grab your Bible, pack your bag for 3 days, gas up your car, carpool if you can and go go go!

Anna Peavy

Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't your pastor's wife also your Mom??? Guess that would make your "pastor's wife's" husband your... wait for it... DAD!!! Haha... just giving you a hard time B! Hope the retreat is a blessing for all.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...It was me B, 1717. I didn't think my comment went thru at 808am from my iphone and I guess it cut off the rest of my message. silly phone!!!

I look forward to this retreat every year. It's a spring cleaning for the heart. Sandy is an excellent speaker and speaks form the heart. She truly sets an example as a christian woman holding on to the true Vine. I will never forget when shared about the loss of her daughther and the overwhelming peace the Lord gave her and the rocky marriage begining with her and her husband. As for you, B, you really deliver the word of God with such flavor that it inpires me and many other woman to indulge in the word of God by not just licking the surgace words from the top by to really dig deep and break down the love Jesus has for us.

Lindsay said...

I would love to go but it's a bit too far to come from the UK!
I know it's not quite the same as the whole retreat experience but will the teaching be available after?!

Bianca said...

Thank you all for your feedback!

@Lindsay: Guess what? My mom reads my blog and she saw that you are from the UK and she wants to send you the entire teaching from the retreat and the gifts each attendee receives. Can you email me your address in the UK?
Like James says, "You have not because you ask not..."
Love you!

Hilda Quintanilla said...

Man, I WOULD LOVE TO COME! Lord knows I want and need it. Sandy Rocks! She's authentic and says it like it is all in a loving and gentle spirit. You are going to have a blast, I KNOW!

Murrieta is the place to be, indeed!

Anonymous said...

i thought retreats were about connecting with God and with each other. I'm confused...Why is there a cost of $165. That seems a bit steep, to me.

Just wondering

Nayi said...

Hi bianca I'll be praying for you for the upcoming retreat this weekend! for your mom & sandy as well.
I wanted to ask you if your church will be posting it on itunes or anything like that ~ so some folks who soooo wish they could be there but live very far can be blessed by it as well!!
Your sis in Christ Nayi


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