Wednesday, September 16, 2009

because it's my blog...

I never win contests. Like, never win. The best thing I've won has been a neon pink fanny-pack after registering for the Long Beach Marathon. Needless to say, I never claimed my prize.

But Internet, I felt lucky. I mean really lucky. After checking out totally amazing Story Chicago and the list of speakers, I knew I had to enter the contest which included 4 tickets to the conference, 4 tickets to the additional workshops, 4 books by Dan Allender (love him), and a 2-day hotel stay in Chicago. I wrote the required essay with a heart, soul, and a little bit of [totally planned] humor.

Apparently I'm heartless, sans a soul, and as humorous as a box of rocks because I didn't win.

Please let me wallow for a minute in disappointment by turning off my comments and boycott posting my blog today. How can I write stories if I can't even win the STORY Chicago contest? Excuse me as I bang my head on my desk and eat an entire bag of something delicious and fattening.


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