Monday, September 21, 2009

live in love...

I approach blogging the same way I do first dates: Don't speak about ex's, politics, or bodily noises with accompanying smells. Some information is meant to be discussed behind closed doors, ya know? But on Wednesday I tweeted about being frustrated with the American medical system after my weekly lunch date with my two favorite senior citizens, Peter and Camille.

Virtually every week I hear how the boy from Spanish Harlem and the girl from Little Italy fell in love on a New York brownstone stoop. He painfully walks to his bedroom and proudly brings out a large picture frame of Camille at the age of 16 who is reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor (at least that's what he says every time he looks at the picture). She blushes, he cries. They hold each other's hands and finish each other's sentences. It's beautiful.

After the She-looks-like-Elizabeth-Taylor story, I asked about their health. Camille looked solemnly at me and spoke in hushed tones while Peter finished his fruit. Bianca, it's not good. Peter needs another medicine to help him with his dementia and Alzheimer's, but we can't afford either one. Our insurance says he doesn't need them. I wanted to throw stones and raise angry fists at our health system, medical reform, and social security. But I dropped the stones and unclenched my fists when I acknowledged that I can do what the government was never called to do: Love.

James 1:27 states that pure and undefiled religion is to visit orphans and widows in their affliction. James also challenges us by saying, If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking food and one of you says to them, 'Go in peace, be warmed and filled,' without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? (2:15-16). John the Beloved challenges us also by noting if our brethren is in need and we don't do anything, how can God's love abide in us (1 John 3:17)? I may not be rich, but I have money. I may not have medicine, but I can give hope. I may not have much to give, but I have time. We all do. So let's take lunch, spend time, and dispense hope to those who forgotten and needy.

Live in Love.


Diandra Ann said...

maybe I'm just overly emotional these days, but you manage to make me tear up almost every day.

jamiedelaine said...

Great reminder. I'm praying for your health care system in the States! So sad that people don't get the medicine they need. :(

Anonymous said...

Umm...good post BB!! Great exhortation...great reminder!


Annie said...

Good reminder... if God's people would simply step and do what He's asked of us, those in need wouldn't have to depend on the government for so much. And the needy aren't just those who need meds or better insurance -- we're all needy in one way or another. God's people need to get up off the couch and do their part.

Thanks, Bianca -- as usual! :)

Bianca said...

diandra and J: thanks for the encouragement. you both always love so deep.

jamie: you gotta spill the beans: is the health care in canada REALLY better than in the states?

annie: i'm glad you took it as such! i was afraid that i'd seem like i'm abdicating responsibility, but in all truth, i'm focusing more on personal responsibility :) whew!

Cindy A. said...

Dear Bianca,
Your post reminded me of a question posed to Mother Theresa. A snooty interviewer wanted to trip her up by asking "If God is so good, why did he create poverty?" Mother Theresa didn't even flinch when she responded "God did not create poverty. It is our selfishness is what allows it to exist."

His Jewel said...

B, come on. The States has THE best medical care, world renown surgeons, specialists etc. People come from all around the world for our health care. No, Canada, England or any other socialized medicine country does not have better healthcare, just FREE healthcare. That's why they come here to seperate twins joined at birth, organ transplants, and various other illnesses because they have sub-medical care. It's generally the insurance companies that aren't "covering" meds, etc. Seniors need a Medicare Suppliment plan like Secure Horizons, Caremore, Etc. If people fight and are faithful and diligent, they can get what they want and need. They may have to jump through hoops and be persistent, but they can write letters of Appeal and Grievances (yes, you guessed it, I work for a Health plan.) and they get what they want. I understand, why should they have to go through all of that, well, because they want to make sure the people really need that medication. Many will suffice with a generic, an alternative or "prefered" medication in which case if it works, why should the health plan pay for the Brand name, i.e. expensive medication when the perferred medication or generic works?

I do agree as Christians, we need to help those in need in any way we can. Love ya B! =)

Jennifer said...

I couldn't agree more. Despite my own opinions concerning healthcare, as christians we are called to spread the love and help the needy. Thanks for the reminder and for keeping it real ; )
Love you,
Jennifer Q. <3

Jasmine said...

Preach it!

Anonymous said...

Ewww! I work with this every day, From Children to Seniors. I frequently get calls for help in getting some sort of Medical Coverage for many people. I know and understand the Medical Insurance System, but to say the least it lacks..big time. Why to people have to pay lots of money and get little care? why do they or the families have to argue for everything only to be told that by the time the questioned treatment or medication is approved, it is sadly to late???? My Big Question? The number to call for any where for People seeking help from Medical to Psychological is 211..from any phone in LA County and I belive its the same in Orange County. We as part of the Christian Family must Pray and be armed with the information needed to help. I hope this information is helpful to much.

Anna peavy

Miss Honey said...

Aww. That's touching and sad... all at the same time. I will pray for them and the health system.

Anonymous said...

This is so good and something God's heavily laid on my heart lately. You put it so well. You know, I was reading yesterday that the church tended to actually follow Christ's way of taking care of others through good works until the triumph of Constantine. Apparently he legalized the faith and established an official imperial church... What that means exactly, I'm not sure. But as I continued reading (and this is according to historians?) I learned that over time the church began leaving help and "welfare" up to the emperor, much like we leave the same up to government.

Thanks for the reminder to Act in love.

Bianca said...

@cindy: i love that quote! i might have to tweet it ;)
@jewel: i totally accept your insight and it's great you can adocate for health care. i was totally heated about the situation because i saw the emotional and physical pain of Peter and Camille.
@jen q: when are you going to be president? you know you have my vote! represent, represent.
@anna: wow! you commented!!! woo-to-the-hoo. your perspective is insight like jewels because you work directly with those who are sick. thank you for being a nurse who loves.
@miss honey: yes! pray for them :) they are gems and it would be great for them to know you are lifting them up :)
@carrie: YES! that's exactly what happened. constantine had great intentions. unfortunately, they got muttled after a while :( thanks for the history lesson!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know... this post has been brewing in my mind for days. God's using it and change is coming. I even have a two part blog post going now. Thanks for speaking... even to taboo topics. :)

Lydia said...

Amen girl! As one who works somewhat in the medical field, I know how frustrating it can be to get the help you need. Without going into how I think this new plan is a mess ;-), I agree that Christians need to start by taking the first step and following the plan God has laid out for us. What kind of testimony would we have to the world if we started taking care of those around us?


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